Eric Chavez Net Worth

Eric Chavez Net Worth

What is Eric Chavez's Net Worth?

An Americal Professional baseball player, Eric Chavez, has a net worth of $40 Million. With the multiple seasons of games of MLB, Chavez has earned $93,550,000 from different seasons in MLB alone.

Quick Facts About Eric Chavez

Eric Chavez's Net worth$40 Million
Date of birthDecember 7, 1977
Height6 ft (1.85 m)
NationalityUnited States of America
ProfessionBaseball Player

Eric Chavez Net Worth And Career

As per Celebritynetworth, Chavez has a net worth of an estimated $40 Million. He is one of the former third Mexican American baseball players and an assistant hitting coach.

He had just recently started his career as an assistant hitting coach in New York Mets.

Each year with his outstanding performances, Eric seems to be gaining more popularity which is leading him to more promotions each day. Hence, his net worth of $40 Million value might increase even more in 2022.

Starting his career, with MLB, he had his debut on September 8, 1998, for the Oakland Athletics, Eric has played over 14 seasons for MLB which has been a very important part of the net worth of Eric Chavez.

He played in MLB for different famous and important games like "The Oakland Athletics(1998-2010)", "New York Yankees(2011-2012)", "Arizona Diamondbacks(2013-2014)". He played multiple games and won awards like "Gold Glove Awards" and a "Silver Slugger Award".

Eric has a good fan-following in social media which has also helped him to earn his income lately.

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Eric Chavez Relationship and Personal life

Eric's relationships are not clearly public yet which makes his relationships and love life a little complicated to the public.

It was known from the online websites that, Eric got married to Amber Tarpy. Later, they got divorced in 2001.

Again, In 2003, Eric got married to Alexandra Chavez. It was found that Eric and Alex met at a baseball player. Eric and Alex have three children together Diego, Dolce, and Cruz.

The present relationship status with Alex still is unknown.

As Eric, does not disclose and open up much about his personal life it is much unclear about his love life.

Eric has a good fan-following which shows in their research with recent reports. It claims that there is no any fights or misunderstanding between the couple. Hence the relationship of Eric Chavez and his partner is pretty good.

He still has a passion and respect for his partner. This is reciprocal.

Eric Chavez Early Life,Family and Education

Eric was born on December 7, 1977, in Los Angeles, California, United States of America. Eric's father was an overseer at a primary school and his mom worked at Rancho Bernardo High School. 

Eric was the fourth child with three siblings. His siblings were Casey Chavez, Brandy Chavez, and Chris Chavez.

Eric Chavez was an Infielder in Oakland Athletics. It was the number 3.

Then, again he was the Infielder in number 12 in New York Yankees, also an Infielder in number 12 in Arizona Diamondbacks 

Eric Chavez was a good student in past. He always used to give the best performance in school with very good marks.

Later, When Eric turned16, he was enrolled in High School.

After the completion of high school education, Eric Chavez completed his education in Bachelor's Degree from public US state university.

He rejected down a baseball scholarship to the University of Southern California because he was picked by the Oakland Athletics.

Interesting Facts About Eric Chavez

  • Chavez have much of his worth just from the MLB.
  • Since February 4, 2011, Eric has worked for the New York Yankees.
  • Starting in 2022. He'll be the New York Mets' hitting coach.