How Much Is Mark Henry's Net Worth? Journey From Weightlifting to Wrestling

How Much Is Mark Henry's Net Worth? Journey From Weightlifting to Wrestling

Mark Henry Net Worth:

$4.5 Million

Who Is Mark Henry? Where Is he Now?
Fans of wrestling are familiar with the popular wrestler in WWE named Mark Henry. American powerlifter and Olympic weightlifter Henry rose to fame as the WWE star.

He is currently signed under the Legends contract in WWE. Mark, who knows how to use his strength, is famous for his World’s Strongest Slam. Besides WWE, Mark is a retired weightlifter and holds World’s Champion title in Powerlifting and Wrestling.

Mark Henry's children (Photo: Mark Henry's Instagram)

Now, Mark resides with his wife Jana and two kids in his home located in Austin, Texas. His house's area spreads in 4,518 square feet.

Net Worth$4.5 Million
Date of BirthJune 12, 1971
Height6 feet 4 inches (1.93 meters)
ProfessionWrestler, Powerlifter
Married/ SingleMarried Jana Perry

How Does Mark Henry derive his revenue?
Mark Henry garnered his million-dollar worth earnings from his career in powerlifting and wrestling. The prominent part of his earnings came from his WWE contract. As per Sportskeeda, he reportedly earns a salary of about $900,000 per annum from WWE.

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In 1996, Henry first signed a ten-year contract with WWF (now WWE) worth $10 million with a salary of about $250,000 per year, as per a report of Sportskeeda. Later, in 2006, his basic salary became $300,000, and by the year 2014, it was increased to $877,000.

Likewise, his whooping net worth can be credited to his Powerlifting and Weightlifting career too. 

Journey to Weightlifting: Holds Several Records
As a child, Mark Henry weighed 102 kg, and his height was 5 feet 5 inches. So, his mother bought him a set of weights at the age of 10 to work out. While he was in Silsbee High School, he would squat 270 kg and Los Angeles Times enlisted him as the “the world’s strongest teenager.”

By the age of 19, he managed to qualify for the weightlifting competition in the Summer Olympics in 1992. Also, he secured the tenth position.

With time, Mark started winning championships and several national records. In 1995, he became the Powerlifting Champion. Furthermore, he won the 1995th US National Championship.

Later, Henry ended his weightlifting career and retired. Shortly after retirement, he joined wrestling and became a professional wrestler in 1996.

Entrance TO WWE, Retirement
In 1996, Mark Henry signed a contract with the World Wrestling Federation. And, following his entrance, he impressed lots of audiences. Mark became the WWF European Champion and a two-time world champion. Furthermore, he won the 2011th World Heavyweight Championship.

Sadly, in May 2012, he underwent career-threatening surgery and became absent for nine-month. Later, he returned in February 2013 and performed till 2017. In 2017, he finally retired and became the backstage producer.