Brad Gerstner Net Worth

Brad Gerstner Net Worth

What is Brad Gerstner's Net Worth?

$1 Billion

Brad Gerstner is a businessman who has a net worth of $1 Billion as of 2021. He is the founder and CEO of Altimeter Capital. Also, the billionaire has a strong portfolio of managing and looking after several companies in different positions.

Further, Brad holds many education degrees in different fields, making him stand out as a successful businessman and an investor. In short, Gerstner is multi-talented and possesses a unique thinking capacity.

Therefore, Brad Gerstner is regarded as one of the richest and intellectual entrepreneurs. Now, you might be curious to know his salary and more.

So, we have come up with every detailed information about him in the article below.

Quick Facts About Brad Gerstner

Brad Gerstner Estimated Net Worth$1 Billion
Date Of Birth4th May 1972
Sexual IdentityStraight
Married/DatingWife - Michelle Boyers Gerstner
Height6 feet (1.82 meters)

How Did Brad Gerstner Become A Billionaire? Detail On His Career, Salary And Companies

Brad, a professional businessman, has piled up a net worth of $1 billion as of 2021. And he reportedly earns about $873,262 as a salary, per

Going back, Brad initiated his journey as a businessman by establishing Wawasee Boat Care in 1986 in Lake Wawasee. He operated business by washing the boats; however, the business was insufficient to make money.

Then, Brad also worked at Indianapolis as the junior lawyer.

Later, in 1998, he got to work as the deputy secretary for the state of Indiana. Gerstner served till 1999.

After graduating from the Harvard University in 2000, Brad worked as a Co-CEO for the National Leisure Group.

In 2004, Gerstner co-founded and looked after it as the CEO. But, in 2006, he sold the organization to the Marchex.

Next, Brad experienced a life-turning moment when he founded Altimeter Capital, the largest technology in 2008. Gerstner made a huge profit by investing in Priceline, Uber, Twilio, Hubspot, and Expedia. As per the sources, Altimeter owns $15 billion of venture capital and private equity.

Not only this but, Brad's Altimeter invested in Snowflake in 2020. As a result, the company made $8 billion worth of profit. Also, the Roblox, which is under the Altimeter, was made public by the Gerstner in 2021. So, it might have also drawn a large revenue.

Moreover, Brad has also worked at PAR Capital as a portfolio manager. Plus, he was a board member and an investor at Zillow. Further, Gerstner is known to be the board of directors and a member of the Orbitz Worldwide.

So, Brad Gerstner's entire fortune is likely to increase in coming years for sure.

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Brad Gerstner Wife - Info On His Married Life And Chlidren

Brad is happily married to his wife Michelle Boyers Gerstner for many years. They have been residing at Woodside, California, by sharing every happiness and sorrows, if any, together.

Initially, Brad and Michelle met each other while they were the students at the Harvard University. Then, they began dating.

Eventually, the duo was together as a boyfriend and a girlfriend for more than five years. After that, Brad and Michelle tied the knot on 29th September 2007 at Martha's Vineyard.

Brad Gerstner with his wife, Michelle Boyers Gerstner, and two sons
Brad Gerstner with his wife, Michelle Boyers Gerstner, and two sons. (Source:

Together, Brad and Michelle are parenting their two sons named Lincoln and Jack.

Brad Gerstner Short Wiki And Family

Brad was born on 4th May 1972, which makes him 49 years old as of this writing. And his birth sign is Taurus.

The businessman is the son of his late father, Thomas Gerstner, and his mother, Martha Burt. Brad lost his birth father while he was very young.

As a result, his mother, Martha, remarried Robert Burt. However, Robert left the world in 2016. Besides, the businessman has not spoken anything about his parents.

Similarly, Brad has three siblings named Douglas Gerstner, William Gerstner, and Lynne Vandy.

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Info On Brad Gerstner Education

The Altimeter's CEO, Brad, went to the Wabash College. From the college, he earned a BA degree in political science and economics.

Then, Gerstner attended the University of Oxford and studied economics, Philosophy, and Politics.

Later, Brad studied at the Indiana University School of Law from 1993 to 1996. And he holds a Juris Doctorate from the Indiana.

Again, Brad got enrolled at the Harvard University and received his MBA.

Brad Gerstner Height And Weight

The businessman is 6 feet (1.82 meters) tall. And he has fair skin with a pointed chin.

Similarly, Brad weighs 82 kgs (180 lbs.).

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Brad Gerstner Nationality And Ethnicity

Brad's nationality is Indiana.

Likewise, his ethnicity is white.

Interesting Facts About Brad Gerstner

  • Brad is not active on Instagram as of 24th August 2021.
  • Though Brad is a famous businessman with a worth of $1 billion, his bio is still not updated on Wikipedia.
  • Brad has a Twitter account, @altcap, where he handles about 32.2K followers.