Josh Riley Net Worth

Josh Riley Net Worth

What is the net worth of Josh Riley?

$3 Million

Josh Riley is a 28-year-old London-based businessman with a $3 million net worth. He works primarily in the fashion industry as a profession.

He is the director of luxury fashion company Yelir World, an online men’s luxury fashion brand which is based in London. He runs the clothing brand along with his business partner, Joe Johnson.

In the entertainment industry, he is mostly known for dating British Television personality and singer, Megan McKenna.

Quick Facts About Josh Riley

Josh Riley Net Worth $3 Million
Age 28
Gender Male
Height 5 ft 11 in (180 cm)
Nationality British
Birth Place London, England
Profession Business
Girlfriend Megan McKenna

Josh Riley Earnings, Career and More

Josh is estimated to have a net worth of $1 million. This includes his property, funds, and earnings. Via his business from his clothing line, he has gained large wealth, but he prefers to live a humble lifestyle.

Josh and his business partner, Joe, started from scratch in 2018 to begin their now-international corporation, and they expect to make a profit of roughly 9 million pounds in 2021, according to Business Live. The brand has been featured in publications such as GQ.

Josh and Joe made their fortunes by selling Liverpool and Everton players' clothing. Josh famously used the profits from the firm to buy a home for his parents in London not long ago.

In an interview with the Liverpool Echo, he explained how his and Josh's journey across the world inspired all of the distinctive ideas at Yelir World. He went on to remark that they are quite different people, but that when they get together to create, they come up with the same concepts. He went on to say that they never look at other brands and instead design what they are familiar with and enjoy. They are conscious that their product is mostly sold in the United Kingdom and Europe, therefore any design they create must be something that people want to buy.

When it came to his prior business venture, he tried to start it twice previously, but the timing was never right until he met Josh. Before Yelir World, Josh had traveled the world and worked in a variety of jobs. Before becoming a personal shopper, he worked as a plumber alongside his father.

Yelir World's latest clothes and accessories, such as luxury men's t-shirts, tracksuits, and hoodies, can be found on the brand's website,

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Josh Riley Relationship and Personal Life

Josh Riley is presently dating singer Megan McKenna, who rose to stardom in 2015 on MTV's Ex On The Beach and has since starred on a slew of other reality shows such as Celebrity Big Brother and Towie.

Megan had started dating Josh in August of 2020. During their brief romance, Josh had taken Megan on countless dates and outings. Megan had met Josh's parents as well. However, their relationship did not endure long at first, and they split up after only a few months together.

Megan and Josh reportedly reconciled in secret earlier this year, according to a source. In February 2021, the two apparently realized they had lost each other, prompting them to reunite.


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Josh, according to his Instagram posts, dislikes being in the spotlight and prefers to keep out of it. His Instagram is filled with either blurry photos or pictures of cars, watches, and shoes, among other things. The majority of his posts appear to be from London, his hometown.

Megan has likewise attempted to keep her connection with Josh under wraps. She has yet to update her admirers on her dating life by posting any photos of her and Josh together on Instagram.

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Interesting Facts About Josh Riley

  • As of September 2021, his Instagram account has around 85.2K followers. (@1yelir)
  • Wayne Rooney has served as a spokesperson for his clothing line, Yelir World.