Rick Harrison Earning Million-Dollar From Family Business- Know His Net Worth

Rick Harrison Earning Million-Dollar From Family Business- Know His Net Worth

Rick Harrison Net Worth

$9 Million

Rick Harrison’s Wiki: What does he do for a living?
Rick Harrison is a businessman-turned-reality star who rose to prominence from the TV show called Pawn Stars. He was the one who came with the idea about the show, and he thrived on turning the idea into a successful show.

After his beloved father died in 2018, Rick co-owned the family business Gold and Silver Pawn Shop, and he still is involved in the shop.

How Did He Become Millionaire? Career Highlight!
As mentioned above, Rick Harrison has a net worth of about $9 Million. How did he earn so much money? The prominent part of the income came from Gold and Silver Pawn Shop, a family business.


His father launched the original shop in 1981. Later, he joined his father and started working in the business. By the year 2005, they were loaning out roughly $3 million, which helped them earn $700,000 profit. Moreover, they started selling unique sports memorabilia.

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Furthermore, Rick worked on creating the television show Pawn Stars, which allured the attention of popular TV like HBO and History Channel.

Rick Harrison with his crew in New Pawn Stars (Photo: Rick Harrison's Instagram)

Now, the 55-years-old businessman Rick's show has become one of the most popular shows on The History Channel.

Businessman Rick Harrison’s Real Estate; Million Dollars Deals!
Rick Harrison’s real estate business also accommodates him to earn the million-dollar wealth. Earlier, he listed his Las Vegas-based Red Rock Country Clubhouse for the market price of $3.99 million.


As per Celebrity Net Worth, Rick bought the house in 2016 and had spent $600,000 on renovations. Also, he spent over $45,000 on the hardwood floor.

His Early life: Left Study?
Born and raised in Lexington, North Carolina, Rick Harrison is the third kid to his parents. In the family, he has two brothers named Joseph and Chris.

Since his father was a U.S. Nav, he, along with his family, shifted to San Diego. There he joined the Taft Middle School. But, during his sophomore year, he left his education to business. At the time, he was involved in the business, where he would earn "$2,000-a-week after selling fake Gucci bags.