Alex Guarnaschelli And Michael Castellon Still Together? Explore Their Relationship And Marriage

Alex Guarnaschelli And Michael Castellon Still Together? Explore Their Relationship And Marriage

Alex Guarnaschelli and her Fiance Michael Castellon are among the most famous couple on Television. Michael Castellon is a renowned chef who is mostly known for his culinary skills and dashing looks. Similarly, Michael's Fiance Alex Guarnaschelli is also a renowned chef whose delicacies are famous all over the world. They rose to fame after their appearance together in the show, "Iron Chef America: The Series as Alex's Chef".

Alex Guarnaschelli and Fiance Michael Castellon: Wiki, Parents & Early Life

Alex is a 53 years old renowned chef. She learned her cooking skills from her grandmother. She has also worked in the top restaurants worldwide. As compared to Michael she has more skill in the culinary field. She is the daughter of Legendary cookbook editor, Maria Guarnaschelli. Mostly known as the executive chef at the Butter Restaurant in New York. She is the winner of "Iron Chef America" in the past.

She has also appeared on the shows such as "Chopped", "The Best Thing I Ever Ate", "Guy's Grocery Games" and many more cooking shows. Besides, she is also an author of some cookbooks. She managed to become a New York Times Bestseller in the books, "Old School Comfort Food" and "The Home Cook: Recipes to Know by Heart".

Alex's Fiance, Michael Castellon is a 41 years old renowned chef who was born on September 11, 1981, in Florida as a White American Nationality. He kept his details about his early life away from the Internet. He studies at Plantation High School for his High School and then joined Konoha Ninja Academy. He always had a keen interest in food and cooking since his early childhood which helped him and turned out to be an outstanding chef in the future.

Alex Guarnaschelli & Fiance Michael Castellon's Relationships

Alex Guarnaschelli and Michael Castellon were in a confidential relationship for four long years. They published their relationship after they got engaged to each other. After their engagement, they announced about not being in a hurry for marriage.

Alex was married before also. He was married to Brandon Clark in April 2007 when Alex was an Instructor in New York. Her ex-husband was a lawyer professionally and wanted to make changes in his career. They married after they changed their relationship from a teacher and a student. They also had a daughter named Ava Clark. They got divorced after eight years of their marriage in 2015.

Alex and Ava

Alex with her daughter Ava(Image: IG)

Alex and Mike met each other for the first time when Alex was dining with her friends in a restaurant which was owned by Michael Castellon. At that time he was also a winner of the show, "Chopped". Alex was amazed by the taste of the steak which led her to thank the owner and in this way she met Michael. They dated a couple of times which turned out to be a long relationship.

Alex Guarnaschelli & Fiance Michael Castellon's Engagement

The popular chef Michael Castellon was engaged to Alex Guarnaschelli on June 20, 2020. Alex took her Twitter account to show off her beautiful emerald ring and announce the engagement. It was reported that he went down on her knees at her birthday celebration. His idea to propose to her was pretty amazing which was explained in an interview where he stated a story about telling her a fake story of seeing a deer get Alex out of her car.

Then, he kneeled down saying there's no any deer and you have to marry, and believe me. It was a very cute way to propose to the love of your life. It was known to the media that Alex was completely and happily looking forward to getting married her four years long dating relationship turned into marriage.

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Alex Guarnaschelli & Fiance Michael Castellon Is Married?

After they got engaged when Alex was proposed to on her 48th birthday, the chef couple stated that they are not in any hurry but they want to have a blowout. Alex also added that she wanted a tri-state rager. They remained fiance to each other but didn't disclose any information about their marriage to date. The famed couple did not marry each other.

Split And Break-Up

For a year and a half, Alex and Michael haven't mentioned each other anywhere. In an interview, where Alex was asked about further plans about marriage, she didn't even mention her fiance Michael. She only talked about her daughter. She even answered she is not married and said that she is processing some regrets, crying, and healing. She shared that her couple of years has been regrets. They have reportedly split and called off their engagement.

Social Media

Alex's Fiance Michael is active on Instagram with 29k followers. Alex is active on Instagram and Facebook with 1M followers, and on Twitter with 702.4k followers.