Ariela Weinberg Massive Weight Loss Transformation: Underwent a Cosmetic Procedure?

Ariela Weinberg Massive Weight Loss Transformation: Underwent a Cosmetic Procedure?

Ariela Weinberg is a reality show personality, featured on TLC's show 90 Day Fiancé. Ariela Weinberg was introduced as a companion of Biniyam Shibre on the show. The couple first appeared in season 2 of the 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way.

As a couple, they faced a lot of twists and turns during their relationship and which was the main highlight of the show.

They have not revealed anything clearly about their relationship and lifestyle. Public ignoring all the other aspects of her personal life is seen paying a lot of attention to her massive weight loss journey.

As mentioned gaining a lot of weight after pregnancy and being able to come back to her original weight has been an interesting and burning topic among the viewers.

Ariela Weinberg's Wiki, Age

Ariela Weinberg, the thirty-one-year-old reality show personality being reserved, has not updated publicly anything about her nationality, family, personal information, her study, and career as well.

Anything that is related to her net worth is not published on any of her social media or websites. Some of the sources do state information regarding her million-dollar net worth, but they are not that credible.

Little about their love life is known by the public but many topics regarding it are still an unsolved and unknown mystery.

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Quick Facts About Ariela Weinberg

Name: Ariela Weinberg
Date of Birth: [as per a few sources] October 21, 1990
Birthplace: United States of America
Age (as per 2022): 31 years old
Height: Unknown
Gender: Female
Nationality: American
Net Worth: $0.5 million

Ariela Weinberg's Love Life

Weinberg after being divorced from her husband went on a soul-searching trip. When she was continuing with her trip, she met her love Biniyam. She stayed with him for a few months.

The couple realized that they were about to start a new phase of their life by starting their journey of pregnancy. After that, she went back to the USA.

Apart from this, not much linked to their relationship has been talked about yet.

Ariela Weinberg

Ariela Weinberg and Biniyam Shibre (Image source: The Hollywood Gossip)

Pregnancy and Child Birth

After spending a few months with Biniyam on her trip, The couple found out that they were pregnant, and then Weinberg returned back to the USA.

Although she returned to the USA, keeping her career at risk, she thought about returning to Ethiopia so that they could share this amazing pregnancy journey together and Biniyam could also witness their childbirth.

The couple found the movement was reduced in the baby due to the lack of an amniotic sac while undergoing an ultrasound. Doctors immediately performed an emergency C-section on her and their baby boy was warmly welcomed on December 17, 2019.

Weinberg and Biniyam named their baby boy Aviel Shibre. In the third season of 90 Day Fiancé, we can also see her returning to the USA for their son's hernia surgery.

After childbirth, Weinberg gained a lot of weight and is now back to her previous body structure. She also flashed some of the key tips about her massive weight loss transformation.

She is also seen getting involved in cosmetic procedures which were flashed on her Instagram.

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Weight Loss Transformation

Ariela was heavily pregnant and had difficult childbirth but her lover was always seen by her side.

Weinberg says that Biniyam was the one who helped her lose postpartum weight quickly after the birth of their son. People assumed that she went through strict exercise and heavy dieting but they all were proven wrong.

Her way of losing weight was completely unintentional. Weinberg revealed her secret to weight loss which was Brest feeding her son. Breastfeeding her son and some exercise with Biniyam helped her lose 50 kilos in total.

She was also noticed getting involved in some cosmetic procedures.

Flexing Cosmetic Procedure on Instagram

Weinberg recently flashed her buttocks lift in a video posted on her Instagram. She got a non-surgical butt lift process. This process is also known as Sculptra.

Some people are shocked due to her post while some are really happy seeing her feeling confident after the procedure.

Regarding the show, Ariela has presented many twists of most of the viewers are against it. Going through a lot of ups and downs and faced difficulties while she went to Ethiopia for childbirth.

Weinberg faced many difficulties adjusting to the customs and culture of Ethiopia which were unknown to her. Despite all the difficulties she has managed to live happily with her child and has maintained a relationship with Biniyam nicely to date.