Bailee Madison Is Single or Dating? Know More About Her Dating Timeline!

Bailee Madison Is Single or Dating? Know More About Her Dating Timeline!

Bailee Madison is a well-known American actress and singer by her profession. She is mainly known for her beautiful acting skills and soothing voice.

Madison is famous for her role in some movies and television series. Some of her hit television shows and films include Once Upon A Time for her role as Snow White.

She has also appeared in some drama series Once Upon A Time, The Fosters, and Good Witch.

The famous actress Madison was welcomed into this world by her parents with love on October 15, 1999.

Her birthplace is Fort Lauderdale, Florida, the United States of America. She will be 22 years old by the year 2022.

It is not much known about her family, but she spent her childhood in her birthplace along with her parents and sibling.

Moreover, she was interested in acting, singing, and modeling since her childhood and eventually started her career in the field.

Apart from her childhood, parents, and professional life, the public is seen as more concerned about her dating life, relationship, and boyfriend.

Let us explore more about it.

Who Is Bailee Madison Dating Now?

Getting to know about the love life of Bailee madison, she is known to be dating a popular Musical artist Blake Richardson.

The couple is known to be together for two years now and is seen as too much to be in love with each other.

The actress Madison confirmed her relationship status by dating Blake Richardson in the year 2019.

They met each other while filming a video for the song composed by the singer Richardson which is given the title Love Again.

The couple is known to be sharing a bond together till the date and is happy in their relationship with each other.

There is no news of her getting engaged or married to the date. There is neither news about their break up or separation.

The couple also posts about their vacation and projects together. They are moreover seen to be posting each other on their birthdays.

Bailee Madison

Bailee Madison with Blake Richardson (Image source: Pinterest)

She was previously linked with some well-known personalities as well. Some of the personalities from her past and their connection with Bailee Madison are shown below.

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Bailee Madison With Zachary Gordon

The popular actress and singer Bailee Madison was once linked with her former boyfriend Zachary Gordon. They were seen together in the year 2013.

The couple met on the set of the movie Pete's Christmas on 2013. They were only rumored to be together before but later their friendship turned into closeness and it gradually developed into a relationship.

The couple could not take their relationship a long way and then decided to part ways with each other.

Later on, she was linked with Emery Kelly.

Bailee Madison

Bailee Madison and Zachary Gordon (Image source: Pinterest)

Bailee Madison With Emery Kelly

Bailee Madison was linked and reported to be in a relationship with her previous boyfriend Emery Kelly. The couple was together in the year 2015.

Kelly is also a popular singer and is seen in singing shows. The couple was never secretive about their relationship. They were open to the public and together announced their relationship proudly.

The couple later broke up and the reason for their breakup was not known by either media or the public.

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Emery Kelly

Bailee Madison with Emery Kelly (Image source: Dreshare)

Bailee Madison With Alex Lange

Bailee Madison after breaking up with her boyfriend Emery Kelly was known to be dating Alex Lange. The couple started dating each other in September in the year 2016.

Although the couple was so much in love with each other, they separated due to some reason in the year 2019 after dating each other for two years.

The reason for their breakup is not so specific.

Bailee Madison

Bailee Madison with Alex Lange (Image source: Tumblr)

After getting linked with many personalities, the popular actress and singer finally found her perfect match and he is non-other than Blake Richardson.

The couple is seen happy being with each other and is expected to take their relationship to the next stage soon though there is no official news to date.