Are Bruno Mars and Jessica Caban Getting Married?

Are Bruno Mars and Jessica Caban Getting Married?

Being a celebrity isn't easy as it is pretty challenging to know to keep one's personal life secret. In the same way, Bruno Mars' relationship with his long-time girlfriend, Jessica Caban, has remained in the limelight for many years. The lovebirds have been sharing the relationship of a girlfriend and a boyfriend for quite a while.

So, some of their well-wishers and fans have already begun asking questions related to their wedding. Some recent news about their relationship has once again dragged the couple into the spotlight. It is reported that Bruno Mars and his girlfriend, Caban, are taking some steps to get married.

Here we've talked everything about the ongoing rumors regarding their possible marriage and their dating life too. So, if you are one of the curious fans, keep reading the article.

Are Bruno Mars and Jessica Caban Getting Married?

Well, the rumors of Bruno Mars and Jessica Caban getting married are circulating like fire. The news first spread when Deuxmoi shared something regarding the couple. Not to mention, Deuxmoi is a pseudonymous Instagram account that publishes celebrity gossip, which often turns out to be true.

Bruno Mars and his girlfriend, Jessica Caban
Bruno Mars and his girlfriend, Jessica Caban ( Source: Instagram )

At the time of this post, both Bruno Mars and Jessica Caban have kept their mouth shut and has not responded to the rumors. So, we can't confirm whether the duo is getting married or not. As said above, Deuxmoi shared the info, which says the twosome is now an engaged couple.

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Bruno Mars and Jessica Caban Reportedly Got Engaged

News given by Deuxmoi shows that Bruno Mars and Jessica Caban have been engaged for a while now. When Deuxmoi conducted a Q&A, one of their followers asked the question of Mars and Caban's engagement. The social media user said, "Bruno Mars engaged? GF flashing a rock on THAT finger."

Deuxmoi shares the info about Bruno Mars and Jessica Caban's engagement

Responding to the question, Deuxmoi shared a screenshot of a message which was received from a close source to Jessica. The screenshot shows, "Been engaged for a while now. A girl from my high school is BFF with Jessica, and she's always on her stories and always has her engagement ring on."

From this, it becomes clear that the information may have been passed from one of Jessica's friends to Deuxmoi. Despite all these, Mars and Caban have not shared the fact, and it can't be confirmed until the couple themselves announce it to the public. Besides that, Mars and Caban have been dating each other for many years. So, let's explore their love life.

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Take a Look at Bruno Mars and Jessica Caban's Dating Life

Well, Bruno Mars and his probable future wife, Jessica Caban, have been dating for a decade. The pair reportedly met each other for the first time in a restaurant in New York City. During the early phase of their relationship, they were not together and were in a long-distance relationship.

And in 2012, Caban moved in with Mars in Harlem, New York. So, the duo has been living together in Los Angeles, California, USA. Caban often posts images with her boyfriend on her Instagram account, where she is verified as @officialjessicacaban.