Are Chris Collette And Alyssa Ellman From 'Marriage At First Sight' Still Married?

Are Chris Collette And Alyssa Ellman From 'Marriage At First Sight' Still Married?

Chris Collette is an American TV star and Realtor. He gained huge fame after he appeared in season 14 of the "Married at First Sight" as one of the contestants. He is the star of the show that tests the bond of love between two strangers by marrying them off on their very first meeting. He gained more popularity after he was matched with Alyssa Elma by experts.

How Old is Chris Collette? Explore His Wiki And Early Life.

Chris Collette is a reality TV star who is 32 years old as he was born in 1990. He was born in Boston, United States of America. Though the exact birthday of the star is not yet revealed, he was estimated to be born around 1990 and has reached 32 years old. With this, the name and identity of his parents are also not known. The details of his early life and past are not known.

Quick Facts About Chris Collette

Chris Collette's Net Worth $1 Million
Age 32
Date of Birth 1990
Place of Birth Boston, United States
Height 6 ft 1 in
Gender Male
Nationality American
Profession TV Personality, Realtor

Married at First Sight

'Marriage at First Sight' is the show which traverses the marriage journey in reverse gear, which makes it more entertaining for the viewers. In the show, some singles are looking forward to getting married and paired with someone based on the experts on the show. The intended couple is to marry each other and live together while trying to figure out the new spouses.

In the show, Chris Collette was matched with Alyssa Ellman. The marriage of Chris Collette and Alyssa Ellman on the first day has topped the charts as the show has seen its fair share of disastrous relationships. After the first day of their wedding, they were mixed like oil and water, as Alyssa didn't look enthused to be walking down to meet Chris, which was also noticed by Chris.

Then, the rest of the marriage was in a similar vein. After an episode of the show, "Married at First Sight: Afterparty", the star revealed that things were even worse off camera when the two of them went to the city hall to acquire their licence for marriage. His new wife, Alyssa behaved standoffishly and refused to share the phone number. When they were asked about the consent to the marriage, Alyssa's attitude towards the relationship was not much clear.

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What Happened Between Chris & Alyssa?

Chris and Alyssa argued about their living situation. After the argument, Chris stated he had much and also added that he felt her girlfriend don't have much interest in marrying him. He also added that she told him that they were not compatible and used the phrase robbed which had started on the night of their wedding. And On the decision day, Chris stated "I want a Divorce".

Chris with Alyssa Ellman

Chris with Alyssa Ellman (Image Credit: Instagram)

After this, the couple exit the social experiment. After some time, during the reunion of the episode, Chris mentioned that if he had known the extent of what was going on on his back, he would have left earlier. It means about the comments his ex-wife made about him that were later revealed to him.

Are Chris Collette And Alyssa Ellman Still Married?

The marriage of Alyssa Ellman and Chris Collete is one of the short marriages in the history of "Married at First Sight". They had an eight-week journey on the show which ended within ten days only. Alyssa and Chris are no longer married and have split up for good. They had a glorious journey though it was short.

Is Chris Collette Dating?

As per The Sun, Chris stated, "Yes I am talking to someone. She is Olivia". He also added that they have been talking and are about to go on their first date. He is about to fly half a country away to Boston to meet her which must be something serious. Chris's girlfriend, Olivia Cornu has appeared on MAFS's eleventh season in New Orleans as she was married to Brett Lindsey.

Olivia who is a nurse practitioner is no longer with Brett Lindsey. Though she hasn't responded with the questions about being in a relationship with Chris, she has stated clearly that she has ended the marriage with Brett with whom she married in season 11. Olivia is currently living in New Orleans and Chris is in Massachusetts, which shows they have a big distance between them.

Social Media

He is available on Instagram with above 28.4k followers as of June 2022.