Love On The Spectrum US: Dani Bowman Wiki, Boyfriend, Career and Social Media

Love On The Spectrum US: Dani Bowman Wiki, Boyfriend, Career and Social Media

Dani Bowman is an Animator, Speaker and CEO of her own company, "DaniMation Entertainment", she is much famed recently for being a member of the stable of "Love on the Spectrum US", which has made its debut on May 18th, 2022. The documentary is about the journey of people on the autistic spectrum who attempt to search out love and navigate relationships throughout their life.

Dani Bowman Killinger's Early Life

Dani Bowman is 26 years old and an animator who was born in 1996 in Los Angeles to her parents whose identity is not yet revealed. She is a graduate of Woodbury University with a Bachelor's Degree of Fine Arts (BFA) in Animation. This was then followed by a Master's Degree in Business Administration in Management and Leadership. She currently lives with her Uncle and Aunt in Los Angeles.

Dani Bowman Autism Details

Dani had a delay in her language development and did not start talking until she was six years outdated. As various people on the autistic spectrum, she was also one of them. Her dad and her mother made optimistic thinking at this moment and then supplied her with balanced info about cartoons and characters from animated films. When she was three years outdated, she started stop-motion animation by utilizing the numerous devices she was accessed by her father, a footage retailer.

She was already performing out tales and narrating animations before she may even converse. It appeared to her that it was solely common for people to have their personal firms which she got inspired by her uncle who ran a private engineering company and her aunt with a private journey firm.


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At the time he was 14, she had established her private agency named, "DaniMation Entertainment", which is an enterprise based on cloud autism. At the age of 15, Dani became an important summer season animation camp all around the country. She then started her career at Joey Travolta's Films and expanded her private company giving the introduction to achieving 2k adolescents and youthful adults.

Quick Facts About Dani Bowman

Dani Bowman's Net Worth $1 Million
Age 26
Date of Birth 1996
Place of Birth Los Angeles
Height 5 ft 5 in
Gender Female
Nationality United States Of America
Profession Animator, Speaker and CEO

Dani Bowman Boyfriend: Solomon

Dani Bowman met her boyfriend Soloman in the Season 1 of the show, "Love On the Spectrum US". Solomon is a youthful man roughly the same as her age with a great passion for poetry since the very first day. They acquired off to an excellent start and gave off the impression that they are really beloved each other. They had talked about their targets in a very easy methodology as both of them were from the entertainment industry. Though Solomon hasn't shared enthusiasm for cartoons, Dani was ready to settle for him in his current state.

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Dani And Solomon's Love on the Spectrum US Journey

Dani has never let her autism stop her from getting or doing what she wants. She shared that she has had an incredibly inspiring life so far due to her autism which has helped her establish her autism development company, at the very young age of 14. She is also a speaker whose partner also shares the same art.

Though Solomon didn't share the same fascination for animation as Dani, Dani was ready to accept him as he is. Dani had a couple of dates with her boyfriend from the show but she thought everything was too fast for her. After discussing it with her family, she decided to be apart from him and shared the things inside her head with Solomon. They tried their best to get over the hurt and pain both had for each other.

Dani And Solomon

Dani And Solomon( Image: Instagram)

Are Dani and Solomon Still Together?

As the Cameras have now turned away from the lives of the couples from the show, their fans are curious to know if they two are still together or have ended their relationship. After their breakup, two months after the show wrapped up, Dani got back together with her boyfriend, Solomon but again separated away because things didn't work out.

She has confirmed her single status by posting about her first prom where she captioned that she wants to find true love but she realises having a good trusting friendship first is important. It looks like she is much more focused on her career and enjoys her family.

Social Media

Dani Bowman is active on Instagram with 2304 followers and on Twitter with 614 followers.