Who Is David Oyelowo’s Wife, Jessica Oyelowo? Inside Their Married Life

Who Is David Oyelowo’s Wife, Jessica Oyelowo? Inside Their Married Life

A native of Oxford, David Oyelowo is a prominent actor, director, and producer who has had an active presence in the film line since making his acting debut in 1998 with a tv series named Maisie Raine. Some of his notable acting roles can be seen in Selma, The Water Man, The United Kingdom, and Nightingale.

Furthermore, Oyelowo has been an actor for many years, and he has never disappointed his fans with his outstanding performances. Due to that, he has also taken home some awards, including AAFCA Award and Athena List Winner. Besides his professional life, Oyelowo also has a happy personal life with his wife.

So, here's more about his life behind the scenes and perspective as a husband.

Who Is David Oyelowo's Wife, Jessica Oyelowo?

As we know, David Oyelowo is a good loving husband who is happily married to his beloved wife, Jessica Oyelowo. They have been sharing the bond of a husband and a wife for quite a while now. The married duo met each other for the first time at drama school.

During that time, David was reported to be 19 years while Jessica was 17. Both of them were together and later developed a strong bond. Later, the Oyelowo couple fell for each other and began dating. But it is unknown when the pair started their romance. At the age of 20, David got engaged to Jessica.

Finally, the day came of their marriage; The loving duo exchanged vows in 1998. Now, they have been married for over two decades, and their life is still going well. Not to mention, both of them are engaged in the entertainment industry.

Jessica is a talented singer and actress who has been working professionally since 1999. Some movies she worked in are Sleepy HollowChurchill: The Hollywood Years, and Alice in Wonderland. Besides being a wedded couple, David and Jessica are also proud parents.

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David Oyelowo Shares Four Kids With His Wife

As we know, David Oyelowo and his wife, Jessica Oyelowo, have been in a marital relationship since 1998. So, the couple lives happily with their four kids, three sons, Asher Oyelowo, Caleb Oyelowo, and Penuel Oyelowo, and a daughter Zoe Oyelowo.

The happy family of six resides in Los Angeles, California. There is not much information regarding the celebrity couple's children as they also maintain a distance from the media regarding their private life.

Apart from his personal life, Oyelowo is also a guy who has amassed a massive fortune from his work. So, let's find his net worth.

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How Much Is David Oyelowo's Net Worth?

According to Celebrity Net Worth, David Oyelowo is estimated to have a whopping net worth of around $6 million. For many years, Oyelowo has been working in this field, and he has already worked in many big-budget movies that have grossed a huge amount.

Oyelowo once worked in a movie named Don't Let Go which was made on a budget of $5 million, and its box office collection was $5.3 million. Apart from that, Oyelowo also earns money from brand endorsement. Moreover, his wife also makes a fair amount of money from her profession, and her net worth may be in the six figures too.