How Much Is Frances Swaggart’s Net Worth?

How Much Is Frances Swaggart’s Net Worth?

Frances Swaggart's Net Worth

$10 Million

Who is Frances Swaggart?
Better recognized as the wife of Jimmy Swaggart, Frances Swaggart is a self-proclaimed millionaire. She is a member of Jimmy Swaggart World Ministries, but she is not a Preacher.

Besides, she is a mother to her son Donnie Swaggart and a proud wife.


Joint Net Worth With Husband
Together, Frances Swaggart and her husband, Jimmy Swaggart, possess a joint net worth of about $20 million. Frances’s actual salary and earnings details remain secretive.

On the other hand, her spouse, Jimmy’s income, derived from his TV career and Jimmy Swaggart World Ministries' involvement. While he was in power, the church earned $150 million, of which $135 million is from his TV ministry. It accommodated him and Frances to grasp whooping revenue to their fortune.

How Does Frances Garners Income?
Frances’s prominent part of the income and revenue comes from Jimmy Swaggart World Ministries. Also, she is the co-founder of the Family Worship Centre. Likewise, she handles the post of Chief Financial officer in the Worship Centre and manages more than 250 employees’ record file.

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Besides, Frances also added a chunk of changes from her popular talk show named Frances and Friends.

Life Before Becoming Millionaire
Before being a millionaire, Frances Swaggart lived out their lives in poverty. It was around the 1950s; they lived in church basements and struggled with finance. Her husband used to preach in Louisiana and hardly could earn $30 a week. Later, he started receiving good earnings when he began recording gospel music. Furthermore, Frances began debuting in Television shows.

Later, Frances and her husband built their house on loan, taking from ministry. As per the LA Times, the pair borrowed $650,000 from the church in May 1980. With that money, they bought land to build their house. Furthermore, they had borrowed a total of $410,000. By June 1985, they reportedly had cleared all the loans, but actual mortgage documents had been lost.

Now, Frances and her husband's house is worth more than $1.5 million. Also, both the couple has become millionaires.