How much is Louie Anderson’s Net Worth?

How much is Louie Anderson’s Net Worth?

Louie Anderson's Net Worth:

$10 Million

Who is Louie Anderson?
American stand-up comedian and author, Louie Anderson is better recognized for his cartoon series called Life with Louie. The 67 years old comedian is still involved in the entertainment business. His last projects were in a TV series named Young Sheldon and Search Party in

How Does Louie derive his Earnings?
Louie Anderson derives his prominent part of earnings and income from his career in comedy and acting. Since 1984, he has been involved in the comedy scene and has debuted in numerous TV shows. For the first time, he made his debut on The Tonight Show as a stand-up comedian. After then, she debuted in many TV series, which helped him grasp revenue in
thousands of figures. Among his acting portrayals, Louie earned fruitful revenue from Movie Coming to America. The movie made a box office collection of $288.8–350 million. Following the grand success, He is all
set to appear in its sequel movie Coming 2 America in 2021.

Revenue from Life with Louie Series
Louie Anderson grasped his earnings as being the creator of the show TV series Life with Louie. In 1995, he created and produced Life with Louie, which was the Saturday-morning animated series. Securing three years hit on Fox, he bagged whopping revenue from the show. In 1998,
the series ended releasing its last episode.

Hush Money Incident!
In 1997, Louie Anderson fell into controversy when a man named Richard John Gordon blackmailed him threatening to reveal a sexually solicited incident done against Richard in Casino. He demanded the cash of $100,000 in hush money. He even paid the money, fearing he would hamper his career.

Later, Louie’s lawyer informed federal authorities about the incident when Richard demanded $250,000 in 2000. After then, Richard was pleaded guilty to his action and sentenced to 21 months.