What Is The Cause of Joel Beeson's Death? More About The Hombre Actor From 'Friends'

What Is The Cause of Joel Beeson's Death? More About The Hombre Actor From 'Friends'

Joel Beeson was a tall, attractive, handsome cowboy who was is an actor, appeared in the hit series, "Friends" Season 2. He had the role of "The Hombre" in the series, which brought him to much spotlight until his death in October 2017 which was caused by the state of affairs by the Type III Severe Von Willebrand disease.

Who is Joel Beeson? Explore Early Life & Death.

Joel Beeson was born on September 13, 1966, which makes him 51 years old at the time of his death. He was born in Winston Salem, North Carolina to his father, Daniel Faris Beeson and mother Nancy Banks Beeson. He had a brother named Paul Edward Beeson with him as he grew up.

Joel was a spokesman for men's cologne which also led him to the most popular cameo appearances would be as "The Hombre" in a FRIENDS episode. He started his career in acting but soon due to his illness he couldn't establish himself more. He died at the age of 51 on October 18, 2017.

Cause Of Death

The cowboy actor was diagnosed with the Type III Severe Von Willebrand's sickness. It was known that the state of affairs is a congenital blood clotting dysfunction which results in failing blood platelets and uncontrolled bleeding episodes. The cause of the death of Joel is cited to be worsening nicely-being state of affairs all through his end days on Earth.


He spent his ultimate days beneath the heavy medical care. He was treated through IV transfusion of blood clotting factors. He had Cirrhosis of the liver caused by this illness which then caused his spleen to destroy more platelets and blood cells. This soon caused him in need of a liver transplant.

As quickly as a broadly identified the disease, Joel was to be determined throughout the enterprise. He was later handed away on Wednesday, October 18, 2017, at Twin County Regional Hospital in Galaz, Virginia, United States.

Quick Facts About Joel Beeson

's Net Worth $200 Thousand
Age 51
Date of Birth 2 November 1979
Date of Demise 18 October 2017
Place of Birth Winston Salem, North Carolina
Gender Male
Nationality United States of America
Profession Actor

Joel Beeson Married And Wife

Joel Beeson was married until his death in 2017. He was a married and devoted man to his wife Beth. It was known that his partner Beth survives him. They are also blessed with a daughter named Haley Alexis Beeson. After the death of the handsome man, the surviving family has maintained a distance from the limelight. He was happily married and spending time with his family but the disease caused a big sorrow in his family. The current details about his family are unknown as they prefer to stay away from the media and spotlight.

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Joel Beeson Movies And Shows

Joel Beeson was an actor who made his career start from 1992 to 1995 in a biz enterprise. As per IMDb. he had his first enterprise in 1991's "Death Becomes Her", where he had a quick performance as Lisle's Body Guard. After that, he had his roles in the hit series, "Friends". In the series, he played "The Hombre", battling Joey for control of the men's cologne area of a major department store as well as a former Chippendales dancer.

Cowboy Joel Beeson

Cowboy Joel Beeson (Image Source: Twitter)

In 1995, he then went out to perform in the series, "High Society" after "Friends". However, he had also played his first role in the unrecognized show, in 1987, where he appeared as a contestant in the show, "The New Hollywood Squares". Besides, Joel has also appeared in television series such as "High Society", "California Dreams" and "Baywatch Nights" which has caused him much recognition and success in his life. He has also played in the movie, "Death Becomes Her".