Jules Daoud Net Worth

Jules Daoud Net Worth

What Is Jules Daoud Net Worth?

Jules Daoud is an American TV personality and a fashion blogger with a net worth of $500 Thousand. She earned much fame from her role as "Jules" in the new show "Summer House".

Jules also earned her success being a businesswoman, freelance content creator and social media marketer for business. She is proceeding in her careering as she continues her work with several high-end and emerging brands.

Quick Facts About Jules Daoud

Jules Daoud Net Worth $500 Thousand
Age 28 years old
Date of Birth May 1994
Place of Birth Cincinnati, Ohio
Height 5 ft in
Gender Female
Nationality United States Of America
Profession Actress, Fashion Blogger, Freelancer, Content Creator and Businesswoman

Early Life and Social Media

Jules Daoud is a famous actress who was born in May 1994. She hasn't revealed the exact birth date yet. Daoud was born in Cincinnati, Ohio, the United States. Julia is a native from Cincinnati with Jordanian roots but is a second-generation American.

Jules has her first language as Arabic but later she quickly adapted to learn English. She has not yet confirmed attending Cincinnati high school but it was known from sources. Jules is well graduated with a Bachelor of Science.


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She attended DePaul University with ambitions to become a doctor but later she realized that her true passion was fashion which led her to start a fashion and lifestyle blog in 2013 with the name "Simply Jules" taking a leap of faith. The identity of her parents are still unknown but it was known that they were Jordanian and her father lost his life when she was a teenager.

Jules Daoud is active on Instagram with 67.9k followers which she gained after her blog. She is quietly active on Twitter with 3.8k followers.

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Net worth and Career

Jules Daoud earned a net worth of $500 Thousand from her successful career as an actor, Fashion Blogger, Freelancer, Content Creator and Businesswoman. After launching her fashion blog "Simply Jules", Jules became a top blogger in the Midwest soon.

Two years later, in 2015, she then expanded her business as a freelance content creator and social media marketer for businesses, while she was still graduating with a Bachelor of Science. Her career continued to take off while she was working with several high-end and emerging brands.

Jules Daoud is also a Social Media Marketing expert who earns around $80,000 per year. She is a freelancer and content creator which has also added some part in her career's growth.

Jules Daoud

Peace & Quiet (Image Source: IG)

Her family owned a restaurant named "Gold Star Chili" which is a restaurant chain based in Cincinnati, Ohio, that sells Cincinnati chilli. It was originally established in the Cincinnati neighbourhood of Mt. Washington in 1965 by four Daoud brothers, who were immigrants from Jordan, who were the forefathers of Jules.

Gold Star Chili is the "Official Chili" of the Cincinnati Bengals which has been a major sponsor of the Cincinnati Bengals. The granddaughter of one of the founders, Jules is now one of the stars from Season 3 of Bravo's Summer House.

Summer House is an American reality television series which was premiered on January 13, 2017, on Bravo. She is famous for her role as "Jules" who is one of the newest members of "Summer House" which is about a group of men and women who share a summer house in Montauk and are trying to escape the busy schedule of city life to have fun. Jules has been in a huge spotlight since the show leading to her increase in worth.

Relationship and Personal Life

Jules Daould prefers to live a happy life. She is not known to be with anyone recently and in past though some of the rumours about her connections on the show "Summer House" was rumoured just for a time being. She is focused on her career and marks most of her time for herself.

Interesting Facts About Jules Daoud

  • Jules enjoys traveling, yoga, self-care, and letting loose in the Hamptons with friends in her free time.
  • Jules prefers self love over anything.
  • She is currently residing in New York City , USA.