LaTisha Scott Net Worth

LaTisha Scott Net Worth

How Much Is LaTisha Scott's Net Worth?

LaTisha Scott is an American TV personality mostly known for her acting in the American reality TV show "Love and Marriage: Hurtsville" has a net worth of $8 Million.

With acting, she also earns a fortunate income being a commercial real estate adviser and property manager and CEO at Infinity Properties. Being involved in the TV industry, Real Estate and Business have given her more than $8 million in her net worth.

Quick Facts About LaTisha Scott

LaTisha Scott's Net Worth $8 Million
Age 40 years old
Place of Birth Huntsville, Alabama
Gender Female
Nationality United States of America
Profession Businesswoman, Real estate, Reality Star
Husband Marsau Scott

Net Worth Career, Wiki, and More

LaTisha Scott, a successful businesswoman and an American TV star who also runs a Real Estate business has a net worth of $8 Million. With this, she is also the CEO and one of the owners at Infinity Properties LLC and leads the company from the front adding much to her net worth.

She was also a cast member along with her husband in a reality TV show "Love and Marriage: Huntsville" which has helped her gain huge fame and a massive boost in her career.

Latisha is also shooting for the 4th season of Oprah’s reality TV show "Love and Marriage: Huntsville". She spends a busy life maintaining her professional and personal life at present.

She is a licensed real estate adviser and property manager. She earns much from the real estate business and is established in the field of real estate. With this, she owns two ventures Infinity Properties LLC and Blaque Cigar Lounge which has been the main source of the Scott couples growth.

She is also the CEO of Infinity Properties LLC where she is best by her leading and management skills that have made Infinity Properties a successful venture.

The Scott couples are also the owners of Blaque Cigar Lounge. The Lounge is a multiple businesses company that does business like Cigar Lounge, Bar, Restaurants, Food and Beverage, Clothing, etc.

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Relationship and Personal life

LaTisha Scott is married to Marsau Scott. Marsau is a commercial general contractor and a cast member from the reality show named "Oprah's Love and Marriage". It has crossed more than 12 years of their togetherness. It was sourced that they met previously in college. They have been blessed with three children to date named Marsau Jr, Mila, and Maci.

Her husband, Marsau wasn't supportive in past about his wife and other women getting involved in employment opportunities which caused LaTisha, a working woman some problems handling professional and personal life.

Later, he was supportive and now they have been living together professionally and personally with a splendid life for more than a decade.

Early Life

The famous businesswoman, LaTisha Scott was born on October 1, 1981. She was a native from Hurstville, Alabama, the USA and raised there with her parents. Though more information about her family is not known, she is the daughter of Ms Wada.

She was interested in being an entrepreneur from a young age. Following her passion, she decided to join Alabama A&M University to study business administration. She then completed Bsc in Business Administration from Alabama University.

LaTisha Scott also joined Auburn University Harbert College of Business in 2019 from where she has received a Master’s degree in Real Estate Development that led her to Real Estate Business. Then, she started her career in real estate growing to be a licensed real estate adviser and property manager.

Interesting Facts About LaTisha Scott

  • She is active in Instagram with 110K Followers.
  • She also own certain revenue from her eponomous website as latishascott.