Laura Vandervoort Is Dating? Insights on Her Dating Life and Boyfriend!

Laura Vandervoort Is Dating? Insights on Her Dating Life and Boyfriend!

Laura Vandervoort is a well-known and famous Canadian actress in the entertainment industry. She is popular for making her debut in big-screen movies, tv series, and many more.

She also made her appearance in the horror television series named Goosebumps in the year 1997.

Laura Vandervoort

Laura Vandervoort (image source: Wikipedia)

Vandervoort opened her eyes for the first time in this world on September 22, 1984. Her birthplace is Toronto, Ontario, Canada. She is 37 years old by the year 2022. The actress moreover holds Canadian nationality and follows Christianity as a religion. She belongs to the White ethnicity.

A few weeks after taking birth, the actress suffered from Meningitis. The doctor started expecting worse and moreover informed the family members that her survival had very low chances. She was a warrior to survive such a difficult situation in her life.

The Canadian actress was interested in sports and gaming since her childhood. She had much interest in playing basketball, tennis, and baseball, and also achieved a second-degree blackbelt in karate. Afterward, at an age of 13, the actress developed an interest in acting and started taking acting classes.

Apart from her professional life, the actress's personal life is more paid attention to by people. Her relationship status, dating life, and boyfriend have attracted the attention of the public.

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Laura Vandervoort's Dating History! Who Is She Linked With?

The Canadian actress Laura Vandervoort was known to be dating her boyfriend Corey Sevier since the year 2010 to 2011. The couple later parted ways due to some misunderstandings. Afterward, she was known to be dating boyfriend Michael Rosenbaum since the year 2012 to 2013. They could not take their relationship to the future and separated ways.

Vandervoort after breaking up with her boyfriend Michael Rosenbaum started dating Oliver Trevena. She was also engaged to him. The couple was ready to get married and announce themselves as husband and wife.

The actress also flaunted a diamond ring that her husband gave him while getting engaged. The couple was almost on the verge of getting married and moreover pronounced each other as husband and wife. Later all the fans and the public were amazed to know about the couple's separation.

The couple was too much in love and furthermore admired a lot by the public. After separation from her boyfriend and fiance, the actress the public is much more eager to know if Vandervoort is dating someone or not.

In search of true love, the actress linked herself in a relationship with three personalities known so far. Despite them, she is not known to be dating anyone.

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Laura Vandervoort: Single or Dating? Who Is Her Boyfriend?

When it comes to the current relationship status of the popular Canadian actress Laura Vandervoort, she is single these days. After the actress's separation from her fiance, she is not known to be in a relationship with any personality.

The actress seems not to pay attention to relationship kind of stuff and pays more attention to her career. She is a well-established and hardworking personality. Vandervoort after many hardships and ups and downs in her career successfully reached the top of success.

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Laura Vandervoort is a Canadian actress who is well-known for her acting skills. She is an independent and self-established woman who is known by everyone. The actress is known for dating her boyfriend Michael Rosenbaum. She is happy with her life these days being single and focusing on her career.