Meet The First-Ever Deaf Contestant Of Love Island Tasha Ghouri

Meet The First-Ever Deaf Contestant Of Love Island Tasha Ghouri

Tasha Ghouri is a dancer and model. She is known for representing the deaf community as an Asos Model. She has gained huge recognition recently after she was confirmed to be the fifth contestant in May 2022, for the show, Love Island 2022. She has been in the spotlight after it was known that she will be the show's first deaf star.

How Old is Tasha Ghouri? Explore His Wiki And Early Life.

Tasha Ghouri is a 23 years old dancer and model who was born in 1999. She hasn't revealed the exact birthday. She was born to her parents in Thirsk, North Yorkshire. It was known that she was born deaf and her parents got to know about it when she was nearly 12 months old.

Tasha posing for a picture

Tasha posing for a picture (Source: IG)

She joined Dance University later following her dancing passion. Later, she attended Arts College also. She described her joining to art college as the place where she can spread her wings freely to the media.

Quick Facts About Tasha Ghouri

Tasha Ghouri Net Worth $500 Thousand
Age 23
Date of Birth 1999
Place of Birth Tunisia, Africa
Height 6 ft 1 in
Gender Male
Nationality Africa
Profession Entrepreneur, Personal Trainer and Reality Star

Tasha Ghouri Personal Life

Tasha Ghouri is single and hasn't stated anything about her love life. As she will be appearing in the show Love Island, she thinks it is the perfect opportunity for her to find her partner. She hasn't found anyone until today and also her dating life hasn't been the greatest. She is much ready to find her ideal match and hence wishes she will find someone in the show.

When people asked her about how people would describe her, she answered that she would definitely be described as wild. She described herself as a party animal who loves to dance a lot. She also added she might be found on the dance floor.

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Tasha Ghouri Job

Tasha Ghouri is mostly recognised for her viral ASOS campaign in 2021. She has her earnings from modelling. She has also a cochlear implant on the show which gained a massive amount of praise on social media. She is much known for being the first-ever model with a hearing impairment who as an alone earring model helps people. Recently after this, she was signed for the Love Island as the ASOS campaign was defining moment.

Tasha Ghouri on Love Island

The Love Island 2022 is released on June 6, 2022. It was confirmed in May 2022 that Ghouri has also been signed for the show. As her dating life has been shambled, she thinks this is the opportunity for her to find a connection, partner and love through the show. She stated that she is totally ready for the relationship which has led her to the show. Love Island focuses on a bunch of people, both male and female who was looking for a connection and enhancing their love life through the current show.

Besides this, she gained huge fame and recognition after she signed up for the show as she is the first-ever deaf contestant in the show. The star, who was deaf by birth has acclaimed her position as a normal person in society by her talent, skill and personality. She has made history by being the first-ever deaf contestant to be on the eighth series of the ITV2 show.

Social Media

Tasha Ghouri is much active on social media. She is on the Instagram profile as @tashaghouri with over 28.6k followers as of June 1, 2022. She is also active on TikTok as @tashaghouri1 with 29.2k followers. She frequently uploads her dance videos.