Is Manny Jacinto Married? Explore His Engagement, Wife & Personal Life

Is Manny Jacinto Married? Explore His Engagement, Wife & Personal Life

Manny Jacinto is a Canadian Actor. He gained huge attention and recognition after he played the role of "Jason Mendoza" on the NBC sitcom, "The Good Place". He has attracted all the spotlight towards him recently due to his upcoming most anticipated movie, "Top Gun: Maverick", where he will be playing the role of a pilot named Fritz. He is going to star in the movie with Tom Cruise.

How Old is Manny Jacinto? Explore His Wiki And Early Life.

Manny Jacinto is a 39 years old actor who was born on 19th September 1987 in Richmond, British Columbia. He was born Manuel Luis Jacinto who changed into Manny Jacinto later. He was fond of basketball and used to play it.

He went to the University of British Columbia to receive a Bachelor's degree in Civil Engineering and later jumped into an acting career though his parents weren't happy with his decision. Manny was confident about his decision and hence asked for five years for his parents to show success which he has now. He has been nominated for one Gold Derby TV Award and one IGN Award for his performance in the sitcom, "The Good Place".

Manny as a Model
Manny as a Model (Image Credit: Instagram)

Quick Facts About Manny Jacinto

Manny Jacinto's Net Worth$1 Million
Date of Birth19 September 1987
Place of BirthRichmond, Columbia
Height5 ft 10 in
ProfessionActor, Model

Manny Jacinto Girlfriend, Married, And Wife

Manny Jacinto is not married yet but is engaged. He is currently engaged to his girlfriend, Dianne Doan. The to-be-wife of Manny, Dianne is a beautiful actress. They have been engaged for more than two years now. The couple hasn't shared any more details about how they met and started dating but some of the sources have claimed that they have been together since 2017. They haven't given any new information about their marriage yet.

Manny Jacinto Engagement

On November 9, 2019, the famed actor announced his engagement at the Vulture Festival. He has also shared the specifics of his proposal with his future wife. He shared these at the Vulture Festival, adding that he said her a phrase from his movie, "The Good Place" which helped him make a decision.

He added that he looked at the relationship of his character Jason with his girlfriend Janet in the movie which gave him the pretty good idea to question his real girlfriend Dianne. A week later, he took the lines as the sign and proposed to her. They went to a number of places that were significant to them.

They had gone for the dance classes together, went to the places they went together, the places they had been on a date and all other special places that were important to them. All these gave his girlfriend a hint about the proposal but he didn't propose right away. Finally, they arrived at the location where both of their families were present where Jacinto went down to his knees and asked her to marry him. Now, they have been engaged for two years and live together with a pet dog.

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Dianne Doan

Dianne Doan was born on September 8, 1990, in Abbotsford, Colombia. Her parents are Vietnamese and her grandmother was Chinese which makes her ethnicity mixed between Chinese and Vietnamese. She is an actress, who debuted as an actress in 2009. Though she hasn't been much active in the entertainment industry, she is much recognised for her role in "Disney Descendants: School of Secrets" playing the role of Lonnie. She has also appeared on "Vikings", "Last Night in Suburbia" and "Warrior" with many others.

Manny Jacinto Gay Rumours

Before certain times, due to the lack of girlfriends and romantic affairs, Manny Jacinto was rumoured to be gay. He hasn't ever accepted the rumour and neither is tensed by the rumours. He has been engaged for two years to his girlfriend he has been dating and living a private and romantic life with her which shows clearly that he is not gay.

Social Media

Manny Jacinto is active on social media. He is active on Instagram with 563k followers. He is also active on Twitter with 137k followers.