Mariah Houghton Divorced Her Husband? More About Their Wedding!

Mariah Houghton Divorced Her Husband? More About Their Wedding!

Mariah Houghton is widely known as a popular singer. She is mainly known as the daughter of popular personality Israel Houghton who is also famously known all around the world.

Houghton is moreover a very talented signer whose soothing voice is enough to attract people towards her.

The singer faced a lot of ups and downs in her lifetime and finally reached her success after a lot of struggle and hardship.

Mariah Houghton was also interested in singing as she always saw her parents involved in singing. Her parents have always been supportive of her career ways.

People are less concerned about her career life but are seen as more attracted to her personal life about her husband, divorce, and many more.

How Old Is Mariah Houghton? More About Her Family

Mariah Houghton, a well-known singer opened her eyes to this world on August 31, 1995. She was born and raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, the United States of America.

She took birth as an elder daughter to her parents in the family. Her father Israel Houghton was married twice. Houghton was born to the first wife of his father. She has two more siblings in the family from her stepmother as well.

Though her father is married twice, she is close to both of her mothers. She has a sister and a brother.

Melisa is the biological mother of Mariah Houghton. Her parents divorced after some years of getting married. Afterward, her father married another woman Adrienne Bailon.

Her father marrying Adriene was not a problem for the singer. She easily adapted and loved her stepmom. She spent her childhood with her sister in her birthplace. She is currently living in Houston, Texas, the United States of America.

Houghton was moreover known for her marital status and further issues that took place between the singer and her husband. The news of divorce between the couple is more to the attention of people and the public.

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Mariah Houghton: Is She Single or Married?

Getting to know about the relationship status of the singer Mariah Houghton, she is known to be single these days.

Previously Houghton tied the knots with her beloved husband Byron Rideau. The couple after getting married for some years separated ways and could not make their relationship forever.

The couple Houghton and Byron Rideau were too young when they decided to their relationship to the peak of marriage. The wedding of the couple took place in the year 2016.

Bryon Rideau was 22 years old and Mariah Houghton was just 22 years old when they decided to get married. The couple was together for 3 years and later Houghton decided to step out of the marriage.

She announced everything to the public and claimed her divorce in the year 2019.

What may be the main reason for divorce among the couple? This is also the most asked question by the public about their relationship.

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What Is the Reason for the Divorce of Mariah Houghton and Bryon Rideau?

There is not so big an issue related to the separation of the couple.

As per some resources, it is said that the couple separated ways as it was an immature decision and they got married at a very young age.

Bryon Rideau also accepted that he could not give proper time to his family. Later, the couple decided that the separation would be the best decision for each other's life.

Mariah Houghton

Mariah Houghton with Bryon Rideau (Image source: 49Ultra)

Mariah Houghton a popular singer, is an independent and strong woman who is happily living her life. Houghton is known to be single these days and her former husband is enjoying his marriage with Jordan Rideau.

Keep in contact with our website, we will keep on updating you if any information about her is gained.