Mark Goldbridge Net Worth

Mark Goldbridge Net Worth

What is the total net worth of Mark Goldbridge?

$1.5 Million

Brent Di Cesare, well known by his online alias Mark Goldbridge, is an English YouTuber and streamer with a net worth of $1.5 million. He is best known for uploading videos on the football fan channel The United Stand.

His entire profession revolves around football, and he earns a lot of money as a result of his engagement in match reactions and match reviews. He is a well-known football personality that provides his fans with engaging content.

Although several sites cover Goldbridge's net worth, salary, and earnings, online valuations of his income may differ. He is estimated to earn roughly $700,000 per year from his YouTube materials.

Quick Facts About Mark Goldbridge

Mark Goldbridge Net Worth $1.5 Million
Earning (annual) $700K
Real Name Brent Di Cesare
Date of Birth April 1979
Age 42
Gender Male
Nationality British
Profession YouTuber, Streamer
Relationship Status Married
Wife's Name Unknown

Mark Goldbridge Earnings, YouTube Career and More

Goldbridge has a net worth of $1.5 million, which he earned primarily through his work as a YouTuber, where he is known for producing football-related content, as well as reaction videos and interviews. Based on his viewership, he is thought to make roughly $700 thousand from the online video platform. Along with YouTube, he also has a twitch account where he regularly streams his gaming talents, particularly FIFA.

His YouTube channel receives an average of 20.42 million monthly views and 680 thousand daily views. YouTubers can earn anywhere from $3 to $7 per thousand views on their videos, as commercialized YouTube channels make money by providing adverts. Based on these statistics, his YouTube channel is predicted to produce $80 thousand in ad revenue per month and roughly $700 thousand per year.

However, $700 thousand a year may be a conservative estimate. Video advertisements might bring in close to $900K per year if he earns on the top end. As he continues to work and earn a reputation, his net worth is expected to rise in the future years.

Under the name "Soccer Box TV," Goldbridge founded The United Stand in 2014, releasing videos on Premier League match predictions. He then set his sights on Manchester United's post-game responses. Goldbridge began live streaming "watch-along" of the matches later on. According to BBC Sport, these online contents are described as "an amateur online counterpart of Sky Sports' Soccer Saturday".

Talking about his primary YouTube channel (The United Stand), he first joined the online video platform on 7 Aug 2014. As of September 2021, his channel on YouTube has more than 1.15 million subscribers along with more than 622 million views on his overall videos that he has uploaded till now. More than 6000 videos have been uploaded to his YouTube channel.

His other YouTube channel includes Mark Goldbridge, Mark Goldbridge That's Football and Mark Goldbridge That's Entertainment! with around 205K subscribers, 547K subscribers, and 116K subscribers respectively.

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Mark Goldbridge Relationship and Personal Life

Despite the fact that many are interested in his personal life, he wants to keep things quiet by focusing on his professional activities.

He has been married to a mysterious woman, a blonde beauty, for a long time and has been blessed with two children with her. The couple has been together for over four years and considers themselves fortunate to have one other in their lives.


Her wife gave birth to a boy in June 2017. He loves spending time with his son and other family members. He tries to instill a love of football in his son by watching Manchester United games with him.

Interesting Facts About Mark Goldbridge

  • As of September 2021, he has about 232k followers on his Instagram account. (@goldbridgemark)
  • Due to his previous profession as a police investigator investigating financial crime, he created the Goldbridge alias when he began his YouTube career.
  • He has about 92k followers on his Twitter account as of September 2021. (@markgoldbridge)