Meet Mike Turner The 2nd Runner-Up From Survivor 42: Wiki, Ethnicity, job & Family

Meet Mike Turner The 2nd Runner-Up From Survivor 42: Wiki, Ethnicity, job & Family

Mike Turner is a retired Fireman, former Hoboken Fire Department Chief and a television personality. Mike Turner has been in the limelight since his appearance on the 42nd season of the series, "Survivor". He is known for being the oldest contestant to appear on the series as he was 58 years old at the time it was aired in March 2022.

How Old is Mike Turner? Explore His Wiki And Early Life.

Mike is a 58 years old survivor who was born in 1964 and born and raised in Hoboken, New Jersey. He has always been very proud of his hometown. Mike also has a saying related to his hometown which he uses frequently," Hoboken Whisper". He revealed that he had a challenging childhood and also wasn't from a privileged background.

The ethnicity of the survivor has been a big topic of discussion. He is claimed to be Puerto Rican as per his fans. Though he was rumoured to be African American in past, he hasn't spoken anything about the topic.

Quick Facts About Mike Turner

Age 58
Date of Birth 1964
Place of Birth Hoboken, New Jersey
Height 6 ft 1 in
Gender Male
Nationality United States of America
Profession Television Personality, Former fireman and Chief at Fire Department

Is Mike Married? Explore His Wife And Children

Mike Turner is married to his wife Staci. He has been married two times in his life. Staci is his second wife as he was also married previously before her. He was married to the mother of his children with who he has two beautiful children. Mike has revealed that the greatest accomplishment in his life is raising his children. His ex-wife's name is Lindsay, but nothing much about the mother of his children is not known.

Mike's children

Mike's children (Image Credit: Instagram)

Staci and Mike got married to each other recently in 2021. Staci is a very strong supporter of him and has always been much nice to him since the beginning of the show. He frequently updates pictures and posts with her on his social media.

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Mike Turner's Job

The famed personality of the "Survivor" is a retired firefighter for the Hoboken Fire Department. It was revealed that he started working as a firefighter in 1985. He rose in the ranks after his long career from lieutenant to captain and eventually later into a battalion chief. He has been a firefighter until his retirement. Besides, he also revealed that he had been a head coach for football in his spare time.

Later, his job helped him prepare him for "Survivor" because he was able to think on his feet which helped him adapt to all sorts of wild situations. He has also owned and operated his own carpet cleaning business for 25 years as it is his family business.

Net Worth

The exact net worth of Mike Turner is not available now. Mike Turner might have an estimated net worth above $500 Thousand which he has earned from his successful career as a Chief at the Fireman in the Hoboken Fire Department followed by his participation in Season 42 of the "Survivor".

Mike Turner On Survivor Season 42

The sequence series, "Survivor" has returned its 42nd series on March 8, 2022, and Mike is one of the hopeful winners in the show. He is also compared to be the next "Sole Survivor" of the show. However, he became The 2nd Runner-Up and Maryanne Oketch won the title of Survivor Season 42. Mike has stated that he plans to play a game more like Boston Rob Mariano who is the five-time Survivor player.


A post shared by Mike Turner (@hobokenmiket)

The show, Survivor, will starts with 18 new casts playing against each other on the barren island of Fiji where they will be sending each other with little food and shelter. The season will have more twists and blocks than the previous season leading to exciting Tribal Councils. Fans are excited to see Mike performing as a strong worker who has already been declared, a "challenge beast".

Social Media

Mike is much active on Instagram. He has 8576 followers on Instagram where he frequently posts about his wife and children. He shares many details from his social media profile.