Mia Maples Net Worth

Mia Maples Net Worth

What is the net worth of Mia Maples?

$1 Million

Mia Maples is a well-known Canadian YouTuber with a net worth of $1 million who specializes in makeup tutorials, beauty tips, product reviews, and vacation vlogs.

She is better known as 'Ivorygirl48,' and her YouTube channel has had millions of subscribers joining the platform since 2013. Her followers adore her, and they show their affection in her uploaded videos and pictures.

Quick Facts About Mia Maples

Mia Maples Net Worth$1 Million
Date of BirthMarch 18, 1999
Height5 feet 5 inches
ProfessionYouTuber, Social Media Star
Relationship StatusEngaged

Mia Maples Earnings, Career, Wiki, and More

As of 2021, her expected net worth is around $1 million. Her main source of income is through her YouTube earnings. She also earns money through sponsored posts as well as being involved in endorsement arrangements. She is also a partner of the fashion agency Style Haul, which she frequently promotes.

Her YouTube channel obtains an average of 7.91 million views per month as per the data from Social Blade. As it is known that monetized YouTube channels make money by delivering advertisements, YouTubers can make anywhere from $3 to $7 per thousand views on their videos. It can be estimated that her YouTube channel generates $31.7 thousand in ad income per month and around $380 thousand per year based on this information.

On February 15, 2013, she started her YouTube channel. Her debut video was a cosmetic tutorial titled 'Neutral Smokey Eye Great for Beginners' on her channel, which was initially called 'Ivorygirl48'. Her brother did her makeup in the second video, which was released in August 2013.

Talking about her YouTube channel, as of September 2021, she has around 3.17 million subscribers along with more than 473 million views on her overall videos that she has uploaded till now. More than 526 videos have been uploaded to her YouTube channel. She produces 5-6 new videos per month on average.

On January 19, 2014, she released a Valentine's Day special video in which she taught how to freshen up a room using do-it-yourself décor. She subsequently posted a series of videos on topics such as beauty and lifestyle, art and craft, cuisine, and so on. She made a "Song Lyric Prank on My Friends Boyfriend" video with Shawn Mendes' "Treat You Better" lyrics.


Moreover, in the video 'Trying on ALIEXPRESS Prom Dresses!!' released on April 1, 2018, the young diva described her buying experience from the prominent website ALIEXPRESS. In the vlog, she also gave some online buying advice to her female fans. Five months later, she published a video titled 'A Very Extra Wish Haul,' which featured some classy Wish.com fashion ensembles and became her channel's most viewed video.

She refers to her YouTube account as a "chameleon" channel because she enjoys releasing videos on a variety of subjects. Her channel's material, however, is not limited to beauty and fashion; it also includes food, DIY projects, and personal vlogs. It's a fun channel for those with a wide range of interests who want to watch some hilarious, amusing, and useful videos on YouTube.

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Mia Maples Relationship and Personal Life

She is dating Luke, who frequently appears in her channel's videos. In November 2017, she released the video 'Boyfriend Buys My Outfits'. On 6 May 2018, she also featured her boyfriend in another video titled 'Boyfriend Does My Makeup' which showcased their chemistry as a couple utterly in love.

She announced her engagement on her Youtube account on November 14th, 2021, and it is thought that she is engaged to him. However, she did not specify the name of her fiance in her confession video, nor has she tagged him in any of the shared images of the two of them. On her other social media channels, such as Instagram, she has posted a beautiful photograph of a proposal.

Mia Maples Early Life, Family, and Education

She was born in Canada on March 18, 1999. Her parents and brother Alfonzo, who has appeared in a handful of her videos, are among her family members. On August 4, 2013, she released "My Brother Does My Makeup", a video in which she teamed with her brother.

The video exemplifies the siblings' great bond. She has a close relationship with her parents. Her mother is a loving and caring woman who treats her as if she were a friend. She has not revealed the identities of her parents, even though they have been seen in several of her YouTube videos. Her parents appear to be supportive of her career, and they appear to have a tight family tie.

She has always been fascinated by beauty and makeup since she was a child. From a young age, she experimented with various makeup items. It's no surprise that she has a lot of beauty videos on her channel. She hasn't revealed any information about her educational background, however, she is a high school graduate.

Interesting Facts About Mia Maples

  • As of November 2021, she has around 434k followers on her Instagram account.
  • She is also a dog lover and has a dog that she frequently posts pictures of on her Instagram account.
  • People frequently refer to her by her other name, Ivory, although she confirmed in one of her videos that Ivory is not her given name. She revealed that the name Ivory appealed to her, but that her real name is Mia. She also indicated that her supporters can refer to her by either name.