Nicole Jimeno's Ugly Breakup History

Nicole Jimeno's Ugly Breakup History

Nicole Jimeno Morel is an American Reality TV star famous for being a cast member of "The Family Chantel". She is mostly known as the sister of famous reality television star Pedro Jimeno.

They have gained much recognition and fame after Pedro's appearance on 90 Day fiance and again in the sequel series on Netflix, "The Family Chantel", which follows Nicole's brother Pedro, his wife, and their family through their trials and tribulations.

How Old is Nicole Jimeno?

Few sources state the actress is 29 years old as of 2022. The exact information about her birthday is not known. The information about her birth is not shared on the Internet yet.

She was born in the Dominican Republic to her parents who were also of Dominican nationality. Her mother, Linda Jimeno is still in the Dominic Republic.

Jimeno's mother was also part of the drama, "The Family Chantel". To this date, not much information about her father has been revealed and he was also not part of the reality show.

Except for the actress's father, the rest of her family garnered enough fame from the show. Before we get more into the briefing, have a look at the quick facts.

Quick Facts About Nicole Jimeno

Nicole Jimeno's Net Worth $10 Thousand
Age [ as of 2022 ] 29
Date of Birth 1993
Place of Birth Dominican Republic
Height 5 ft 8 in
Gender Female
Nationality Dominican Republic
Profession Television Personality, Model

What is The Family Chantel all about?

The Family Chantel is the sequel show on Netflix that features Pedro Jimeno. Pedro Jimeno was the star of the show 90 Days Fiance which gained a lot of attention due to his appearance.

After the show, Netflix had a spin-off show, "The Family Chantel" which has solely based on Pedro's life, especially with his beau Chantel Everett, and a few members of the family including his mother, sister, and in-laws.

In the show, Nicole and her mother seemed to have an immensely rough relationship with Chantel's parents.

She was the center of attraction due to her and her mother's discontent with Chantel and Pedro's marriage. Outside of the show, Jimeno was speculated to be a whole different personality.

However, it was the spice, that kept the audience engaged in the show. Apart from these many things, fans have also shown a huge interest in Jimeno's dating life. We have caught things up right here at the moment.

Is Nicole Jimeno Still Together With Alejandro Padron?

In the show's second season, Nicole made a revelation about how she was dating a New-York based man, Alejandro Padron. She also stated that they had been knotted in a long-distance relationship as Nicole lived in Atlanta, a lot further than Padron.

After the show, people have been wondering if they are still together because they don't show much about their relationship on social media.

Nicole with Alejandro

Nicole with Alejandro (Image Credirt: Instagram)

Soon after, many sources articulated the news of them breaking up. It did seem true after a certain time. The reason was said to be because Padron cheating on this gorgeous lady.

So, the story initiates the time when the actress underwent plastic surgery. While returning back after a certain time being, she caught her boyfriend speaking with another woman online and making plans with her for meeting up.

And the biggest shock was that he was already married. This thing had been hidden from her for so long. The actress came to realize that he had been treating her no less than just a side chick.

However, she let in her bold side and broke up with him. A lot of the fans praised Jimeno for being brave enough to bid her relationship goodbye with such calmness.

Ever since they paved their ways apart, the actress has been reaching the heights of success. this might have made you guess her net worth, but here we have it done beneath.

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Net Worth

This beautiful lady is estimated to bag a hefty amount worth $10 Thousand from her career in television alone. Compiling her assets and properties together, she might be richer than our expectations.

She has started her famed career. Her net worth will rise soon after her involvement in other shows. She has also earned part of her net worth from her career as an Instagram model and won the pageant title, "Miss East Dominican Republic 2016".

She stated that she earned most of her income from her career from pageants.

Social Media

Nicole Jimeno is active on social media. She is active on Instagram but she is much private about her personal life hence she has made her verified account in private mode currently.

The actress has over 97.8k followers with 95 posts on her account as of June 13, 2022. Her brother Pedro Jimeno is also active on Instagram with 388k followers.