Popp Hunna - Net Worth, Career, Wiki, Age and Early Life

Popp Hunna - Net Worth, Career, Wiki, Age and Early Life

How Much Is Popp Hunna's Net Worth? 

Popp Hunna is an American rapper with a net worth of $200 thousand. He is best known for his mixtape "One Year Later". He earned a huge spotlight and net worth after his song "Adderall (Corvette, Corvette)" was successful through TikTok. His other release of his new EP Mud Baby which dropped on Christmas also made him much recognized.

Quick Facts About Popp Hunna

Popp Hunna Net Worth$200 Thousand
Age21 years old
Date of BirthOct 21, 2000
Place of BirthPhiladelphia, Pennsylvania
Height5 ft 7 in
NationalityUnited States of America

Who Is Popp Hunna? Wiki, Age and Early Life Explored

Popp Hunna is an American rapper, singer, and internet personality who was born on October 21, 2000. Currently, He is 21 years old and was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The real name of the singer is Omir Bernard but famously known as Popp since his career.

He hasn't yet provided any information related to his parents and family to the authentic internet sites yet but however, a year before in May 2021, he shared a post on Instagram where he mentioned long life details.

He told his followers through the post that he had not many clothes and shoes to change so he would wear the same piece of clothes and shoes every day. Besides clothes, he also had struggle in eating. He also shared pictures with his mother in his feed.

Popp Hunna attended North Philadelphia's one of the schools to fulfil his basic need of food which was provided by the school. Later, he dropped out while he was an 11th grader. He was available on Instagram but the account is unavailable now. He also joined YouTube on 22 July 2015 where he has 358k subscribers at present.

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What Is Popp Hunna's Net Worth And Career?

Popp Hunna is an American rapper with a net worth of $200 thousand. Popp is best known for his mixtape "One Year Later". He become a popular rapper after the release of the mixtape in 2020. Before being a rapper, he worked on a few songs which he released on YouTube. This has been a source of revenue for him for a long time.

He writes his own songs and music from a very young age. He worked as a professional model for streetwear clothing brands previously. He has also been featured on "SoundCloud" and "Deezer". His singles include "Adderall", "Single", "Choppers" and "Attachments".

He gained huge recognition after his song "Adderall" aka "Corvette Corvette". He got success from TikTok and Spotify. He also writes and performs songs with producing them too. He started his professional career with his first single, "I'm Single" which was released on 7 December 2019, through his YouTube channel.

Popp has released two mixtapes and Extended Play records in 2020 which has also increased his popularity. His first EP, "One Year Later", was followed by his second EP, "Mud Baby" which has more than 75 million views on Spotify. All of this has helped him gain revenue.

What Snitching Does Popp Hunna Faced?

Hunna faced an allegation of snitching in a homicide case in Philadelphia in 2020. It was reported that he cooperated with the Feds and the police department regarding a murder he witnessed when he was 14 years of age. It was sourced that, he provided information about the people who were involved in the murder and also shared the shooter's intention behind it.

Popp Hunna (Image Credit: Twitter)

He was then criticized publicly and on social media for violating the street code. He was criticized by a Philadelphia native rapper, Lil Uzi Vert, who had initially collaborated with him to make the remix of "Adderall". Later, after resurfacing the snitching paperwork, the whole rappers community turned against Popp.

Is Popp Hunna Dating?

Popp Hunna is still single but some time back, it was rumoured that he was dating Fight rapper, Asian Doll. Both of them declined the rumours through Twitter and Instagram assuring being just friends.

Interesting Facts About Popp Hunna

  • Popp Hunna's latest album, "Mud Boy" is available on Spotify. 
  • The zodiac sign of Popp is Libra.