Pras Net Worth

Pras Net Worth

What is the Pras's Net Worth?

Pras Michel, mostly known as Pras, is a Songwriter, Rapper and Actor. He has also given his contributions in Singing, Film Producing, and Record Producing who has a net worth of $20 million. He has also worked as Multi-Instumentalist and Music Arranger. He is mostly known from his monumental Hip Hop group Fugees.

Quick Facts About Pras

Pras's Net Worth $20 Million
Real Name Prakazrel Samuel Michel
Age Oct 19, 1972 (49 years old)
Height 1.85 m
Gender Male
Nationality United States of America
Profession Songwriter, Rapper, Actor, Film Producer,
Singer, Record producer, Multi-instrumentalist, Music Arranger

Career, Wiki, and More

As per CelebrityNetWorth, Pras Michel, An American rapper, producer, and actor with a net worth of $20 million.

Prakazrel Samuel Michel l, mostly known as Pras, is probably best known for his role in the monumental Hip Hop group the Fugees. He have given various hit musics with the group During his time with this group, which includes him, Wycef Jean and Lauren Hill.

The Fugees, which is a beloved group, has won the Grammy Awards for their studio album named "The Score". The album was a hit and still loved by many.

He had recorded two very important superhit albums which led him to much worth. The albums were "Ghetto Superstar" and "We Are Trying to Stay Alive".

Besides music, Pras has also made his career in Hollywood. He has appeared in a number of movies over the years as an actor.

With acting, he also got lots of opportunities as producing films.

He started his career in 1994 with his first album "Blunted on Reality" which he made under the guidance of Ronald Khalis Bell.

Soon after that, In 1996 he released his another album with his group "The Score", which was highly appreciated by the audience. It went to big sucess and got a place to platinum.

In 1998, he recorded his first solo EP, "Ghetto Supastar (That Is What You Are)". He featured rappers Mya and Ol' Dirty Bastard in his album.

The single, "Ghetto Supastar", became one of the top ten singles of 1999 which was loved by many. It is the eighth-most played song.

The album led him to perform at "World Music Awards".

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Relationship and Personal life

Pras is not married yet.

Though he have a huge following and is on limelight, he managed to keep his personal life private.

So, there is no any rumour of him getting married and dating anyone. He is only focussed in his music career.

He is active on Instagram as @prasmichel with 395k Followers.

Early Life, Sucess, and Real estate

Prakazrel Samuel Michel aka Pras was born on October 19th of 1972.

Born in New York City and later was raised in Irvington, New Jersey.

He was raised in a family with Haitian roots.

He was interested in music from an early age.

Since his early teen age,he was a good friend with Lauryn Hill. They attended the same high school together in Maplewood.

Later, In late 80s, Pras and Lauryn connected with Wyclef Jean.

The three artists started started rehearsing together. They used to rehearse with Ronald Khalis Bell. He was the supervisor of the group.

He attended Rutgers and Yale where he was working on a double-major in Philosophy and Psychology. He took his music career with his studies.

Michel was involved in a $2.2 billion bid. It was in 2014, where he bid to buy New York's Plaza Hotel. He also joined with a celebrity David Sugarman and many other to form a group and submitted to bid together.

Pras has a lots of investments. Despite, he was actually renting. As reported, he used to spend five figures per month for homes in Soho and Los Angeles.

Interesting Facts About Pras

  • He is among the member of Fugees with the highest net worth of $20 Million.
  • He had performed in "World Music Awards".
  • He also won Grammy Awards for the album "The Score" with his group.