Rachel Recchia - Net Worth, Career, Wiki, Age and Early Life

Rachel Recchia - Net Worth, Career, Wiki, Age and Early Life

How Much Is Rachel Recchia's Net Worth? 

Rachel Recchia has earned a net worth of $2 Million as an American Actress, Model, Television Personality, Pilot, and Social media star. Rachel Recchia is mostly known and famous for her appearance in the 26th season of the show, "The Bachelor". She is also recognized being a Professional Pilot. The finale of the show "The Bachelor" is about one or two episodes, where there is plenty of time for proposals and heartbreaks that have made Recchia in the spotlight.

Quick Facts About Rachel Recchia

Rachel Recchia's Net Worth $2 Million
Age 26 years old
Date of Birth March 8, 1996
Place of Birth Chicago, Illinois
Height 5 ft 6 in
Gender Female
Nationality United States of America
Profession Pilot, Flight Instructor, Actress, Model

Who Is Rachel Recchia? Wiki, Age and Early Life Explored

Rachel Recchia is the 26 years old popular actress from the show, "The Bachelor". Rachel Recchia is one of the hot names in the bachelor nation world. The star of the show, Rachel was born on 8th March 1996, and has just turned 26 years old a week earlier.

Rachel is the daughter of Tony Recchia and Mary Ane. She was born in Chicago, Illinois where she grew up with a younger brother. She studied at Camel High School and Northeast Missouri University for her education previously. Rachel then went to Ohio University to complete her education where she was involved in the cheerleading team. She earns a degree of Bachelors in Science and Aviation.

Rachel in her residence at Orlando, Florida (Image: IG)

In 2014 and 2015, she posted pictures of her cheerleading team and her participation in the field on her Instagram which shows her interest in dancing. She currently resides in Florida. Rachel is available on Instagram with 316k followers where she updates her fans with her pictures of herself, family and friends.

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What Is Rachel Recchia's Net Worth And Career?

Rachel Recchia has a net worth of $2 million which she earned from her career in multiple paths like Pilot, Flight Instructor, TV Personality, Actress and Model. She is an independent and energetic personality who is looking for the perfect match with the appearance of the show, "The Bachelor" which has been a big part of her growing wealth.

She is a Flight instructor and Pilot who loves to travel a lot. She is a licenced and a certified pilot earning a fortunate revenue from the career. Rachel received her private pilot license and works with commercial pilot jobs to generate revenues.

As per her works, Rachel has been counted as one of those personalities who believe in hard work. She states that she is proud of her success and pilot job which can be seen by the post she often posts being in front of the seat of the pilot.


Besides the flying career, Rachel's career took a big turn after her appearance in the show, "The Bachelor". She is one of the finalists of the 26th season of the show which has over 6.9 million viewers. She is also part of the show, "The Bachelorette", which has added success to the star.

Who is Rachel Recchia Dating?

Rachel is currently single and is in search of her soulmate through the 26th season of the show, "The Bachelor" and the 9th season of the show, "The Bachelorette". In the show, she was attached with Clayton Echard but the two couldn't pair together possibly because Clayton stated he is in love with the other two beside Rachel.


A post shared by Rachel Recchia (@pilot.rachel)

Hence, she is still in search of someone who is playful, passionate and spontaneous. She stated that she is looking for someone who is ready for her to read Harry Potter books for the children one day.

Interesting Facts About Rachel Recchia

  • Rachel often flies with her close friend, Nate Bulle, who is often spotted in her pictures on Instagram and other social media profiles.
  • Recchia likes travelling around the world. She has also documented most of her trips incliding trip to Italy, Thailand and other places.