What is the net worth of Rupert Grint?

$50 Million

Rupert Grint is a famous English actor with a net worth of $50 Million who is best known for his role in Harry Potter. He started his career acting in the role of Ron Weasley in the successful Harry Potter film series.

Rupert Grint Net Worth $50 Million
Date of Birth Aug 24, 1988
Height 1.73m
Gender Female
Nationality United Kingdom
Profession Actor
Relationship status In a relationship with Georgia Groome

Rupert Grint Net Worth, Career, Wiki, and More

As celebritynetworth, Rupert Grint has a net worth of $50 Million. The Harry Potter movie/series is one of the highest-earning series. The first harry potter movie was the highest-grossing film of 2001 and hence Rupert was paid a handsome amount for the first movie of his career.

Rupert reportedly earned much of his income and career from Harry Potter. From the age of 11, with his co-actors, he is best known for his acting as well as his earnings.

He was reported to earn $70 Million only from the Harry Potter series.

Grint then started his career in other series like Harry Potter and Deathly Hallows(Part I and II included), Servant and many others.

Grint also appeared in one of the music videos of Ed Sheeran’s song “Lego House”.

In 2018, he stated in Radio times about himself that he couldn’t even guess what he have and is in the best position.

Grint’s salary is nearly the same as his Harry Potter co-star, Hermione Granger, who also made millions from all eight Harry Potter movies and earned $4 million from Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.

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Rupert Grint Relationship and Personal life

Rupert Grint has been in a relationship with actress Georgia Groome for a long time. They are known to be together since 2011 but they are not married yet.

In May 2020, they had a beautiful daughter together.

Rupert Grint and relationship with actress Georgia Groome they had a beautiful daughter together. (Image source: Instagram

Grint entered Instagram for the first time with his first post with a picture of his daughter in his arms. Within four hours of joining Instagram, he got his first $1M followers on Instagram.

Rupert Grint with his girlfriend Georgia Groome and daughter Wednesday Grint lives a happy family.

With a kind nature, Grint is found to be involved in many charitable causes. He participated in Wacky Rally to raise money for Britain’s Royal National Lifeboat Institution.

Similarly, he has also been actively supporting Cancer Research UK’s Little Star Award since 2011.

Rupert Grint Early Life, Sucess, and Real estate

Grint was born in Harlow, Essex, England on August 24, 1988. He is the oldest of five siblings.

Since childhood Grint was interested in theatre and developed his skills more from performing in a number of his school’s productions.

Before acting in movies, he also joined a local theatre group, Top Hat Stage & Screen School.

Grint was just 11 years old when he was cast in the first Harry Potter series as Weasley. Later on, eventually, Grint left school at the age of 16 to focus on his acting career.


In 2001, it was the debut for Rupert Grint in the movie Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone which was a huge success as it was the highest-grossed movie all over the world.

Grint has played his role in all other series of Harry Potter. Slowly he developed his career in many other movies and series and achieved all his dreamed success.

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (2004), The Goblet of Fire (2005), Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (2007) with many more are some of the series of Grint’s secrets of success which helped him earn much of his net worth and income.

Rupert Grint has been found investing in properties over some years. He has been investing in Hertfordshire for properties. He lives in an 18th-century mansion, set on 22 acres.

It was sourced that he bought it for $7 million

Interesting Facts About Rupert Grint

  • In 2007, Rupert was known to be one of the highest-grossing actors worldwide, all thanks to his role as Ron Weasley.
  • Rupert did actually have something in mind – a dream he was able to fulfil once the money started rolling in.He purchased an ice-cream van, because it was his dream professional when he was younger.
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