Rush Limbaugh Net Worth Before His Death? Earnings And Salary Explored

Rush Limbaugh Net Worth Before His Death? Earnings And Salary Explored

Rush Limbaugh Net Worth

$600 Million

Rush Limbaugh, who was the host of The Rush Limbaugh Show, had a net worth of $600 Million. A man with more than five decades of expertise in TV and radio shows was one of the highly compensated American radio personalities.

Sadly, American radio personality and conservative political radio host is no more with us. He died at his house in Palm Beach on 17 February 2021.

Net Worth$600 Million
BirthdayJanuary 12, 1951
Age70 (died on February 17, 2021)
ProfessionRadio Personality
Married/ SingleFour times: Roxy Maxine McNeely, Michelle Sixta, Marta Fitzgerald, and Kathryn Rogers
Place of deathPalm Beach, Florida

Limbaugh Wiki: Death Reason

Limbaugh was pronounced dead on 17 February 2012, and his wife Kathryn Adams confirmed the death news via Rush’s show. The reason for his demise is due to complications of lung cancer.

His Salary Before Death; Real Estate And House
According to Celebrity Net Worth, Rush had an average salary of about $85 Million before his death. In January 2020, Premiere Radio Networks renewed his contract making his salary $70 million per annum.

In 2001, he signed his first million dollar contract—an eight-year $285 million contract. Later, in 2008, he signed an 8-year contract with Clear Channel with a deal worth $400 million.

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Limbaugh became one of the highest-paid radio personalities at his peak year as he had already made more than 15 million weekly listeners.

With the whooping revenue, he even bought a million-dollar house. He was living with his spouse Kathryn at home worth $26 million in West Palm Beach. Also, he owned a penthouse condo on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan.

His TV Show; YouTube Career
Rush’s TV Show, ‘The Rush Limbaugh Show,’ is what made him famous. The show was nationally syndicated for the first time in August 1988. Later, the show created hypes and began to syndicate on FM and AM radio stations.

Not only that, but radio host also made a YouTube channel under his show name and gained more than 60.7K subscribers.

Married History; Wife Stay With Him Till Last Breath
Rush was married four times until his death. His fourth wife, Kathryn Adams, stayed by his side till his last breath. The couple tied the knot in 2010.

Rush Limbaugh with his wife Kathryn
Rush Limbaugh with his wife Kathryn (Photo:

Adams disclosed her husband’s demise via Rush‘s show, expressing her deep condolence.

Before their marriage, he experienced three divorces. His first marriage was with Roxy McNeely, and their relationship ended in 1980. After then he married and divorced two more women named Michelle Sixta and Marta Fitzgerald.