Shay Johnson Pregnant With Baby Number 1? Who Is Her Baby Father? More About Pregnancy

Shay Johnson Pregnant With Baby Number 1? Who Is Her Baby Father? More About Pregnancy

Shay Johnson is a well-known actress and television personality who came into the limelight after making her appearance in some hit movies among her projects.

Johnson is moreover involved in modeling and is also a show hostess and entrepreneur. She has made her cast in some popular movies such as Aaron Stone Irina Webber, Miracle Workers Purple, and Trese Alexandra Trese which are loved and admired by a lot of people.

She was also nominated for a lot of her projects in movies and shows. Apart from getting nominated, she also received some awards in the entertainment industry.

Apart from her life related to her career, the public and media are more concerned about her dating life, relationship status, and her lovers.

Shay Johnson

Shay Johnson (Image source: Starsgab)

How Old Is Shay Johnson?

Shay Johnson, the popular actress was brought into this world by her parent on September 30, 1983. She took her first step in Atlanta, Georgia, United States of America.

The actress will be now 38 years old by the year 2022. Though she is about to reach her 40s she looks young and beautiful. She was interested in acting since an early age and has struggled a lot to reach the place she has reached now.

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Is Shay Johnson Pregnant?

As per some current resources, actress Shay Johnson recently announced that she is pregnant with her baby. She said that she wanted to have a baby for a long time and that miracle is about to happen now as she is expecting her baby.

Johnson announced that she was enjoying her pregnancy in February 2022. She is very happy to announce her first pregnancy and is much more excited to be a new mom.

She also made a post regarding the gender reveal of her baby and is happy to bring a girl out into this world. She has also seen modeling and flaunting her baby bump during her photo shoots. There is a different glow on her face due to pregnancy.

As she announced her first pregnancy, people are excited and very much curious to know about the baby's father, her husband, or her father.

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Shay Johnson: Who Is Her Baby’s Father?

As the actress Johson announced her pregnancy, she is asked questions regarding her partner who she shares her baby with.

Regarding the father of the baby, Johnson has not announced anything. She was six months pregnant at the time of the announcement and is assumed to have a due date soon.

After making her announcement, Mama Dee assumed that Johnson might have hooked up and met her former boyfriend Scrappy in Miami.

She is also announcing that her son Scrappy might be the father of the child. After her announcement, many media sources and the public started assuming that her former partner was dating her baby father.

There is no official announcement regarding it, but we expect her to announce it soon.


A post shared by Shay Johnson (@iamshayjohnson)

Shay Johnson is a popular and independent woman who is involved in acting, modeling, television personality, and entrepreneur.

She is now pregnant, happy, and excited to welcome her first baby into this world.

She kept the pregnancy news for six months and then could not hold her happiness more without announcing it to the public. She is sure to be the best mom to her firstborn baby, also shows her baby bump, and has a different glow because of her pregnancy.

The actress was never married to anyone and did not have a husband or engaged to anyone. But previously she was linked with some of the personalities.

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