Are Thomas Petrou And Mia Hayward Still Together? Everything About his Girlfriend & Dating Life

Are Thomas Petrou And Mia Hayward Still Together? Everything About his Girlfriend & Dating Life

Thomas Petrou is a social media celebrity. He is mostly known for being the founder of "The Hype House", which is a renowned social media community, airing on Netflix. He has been in the spotlight since the unofficial news of the break-up of Thomas with his former girlfriend Mia Hayward.

How Old is Thomas Petrou? Explore His Wiki And Early Life.

Thomas Petrou is 23 years old TikTok star who was born on September 2, 1998. He was born in Los Angeles, California, the USA in a well established Christian household. He is American as per his nationality and follows the Christian Faith. He hasn't revealed the information about his family and siblings to the public.


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Petrou has attended a Local High School in California. He also received his early education in California. After this, he was then enrolled in a private university in Los Angeles, California. Later, he eventually dropped out to pursue an online job full time. He had always desired to be a famous Internet Celebrity and earn a lot of money make much money in the social media industry.

Quick Facts About Thomas Petrou

Thomas Petrou's Net Worth $2 Million
Age 24
Date of Birth 2 September 1998
Place of Birth Los Angeles, California
Height 6 ft 1 in
Gender Male
Nationality America
Profession Social Media Celebrity

Thomas Petrou Girlfriend & Dating

Thomas Petrou has been in multiple relationships and affairs. He has been highlighted previously with Kayla Pimentel who is also a social media personality. After five years of their relationship, they ended their relationship when Thomas just co-founded, "The Hype House". Then, they announced their breakup. After a few months of the breakup, Thomas started dating Mia Hayward. Mia Hayward is also a member of The Hype House.

Thomas Petrou with Mia Hayward

Thomas Petrou with Mia Hayward (Image Credit: Instagram)

He confirmed and made their relationship official through Instagram in April 2020. In July 2020, he also gave a statement to the media about the relationship saying everyone already knew it. Since 2021, their relationship status of them has been ubiquitous. Mia Hayward has also made her way to The Hype House. Not only this, but she has also been titled, "Amazing Girlfriend", and also came to be known as the better half of Thomas.

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Are Thomas Petrou And Mia Hayward Engaged?

Thomas Petrou proposed to his girlfriend, Mia Hayward. The TikTok star, Thomas shared a series of images with his girlfriend where one of them included a picture with a stunning engagement ring. He proposed a ring that has a pave band and a plain round diamond. It was reported that Thomas got the jewel from Jay Kay Jewelers. He has shown the ring in greater detail on Instagram. Though the official news about the couple hasn't yet arrived and they haven't spoken anything about the engagement, it is yet to confirm if they are engaged.

Are Thomas Petrou And Mia Hayward Still Together?

The fans of Thomas and Mia still believe they are still together and have a good and strong relationship with each other but their relationship has been ubiquitous since 2021. As per Blurred Reality, they have ended their five years-long relationship with each other. But looking at Thomas's social media profile, they are still together and living a happy relationship.

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Thomas Petrou In The Hype House

The Hype House is a collective of online-content creators based in Los Angeles, California. The creators live in a large Hollywood Spanish-style mansion of the same name, "The Hype House". It was mainly designed if they could make content together. Thomas is the co-founder of the Hype House which he founded with his friends.


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Season 1 of the show, "The Hype House" captures the most pressing challenges faced by the ambitious content creators. They faced problems like money problems to other issues such as finding inspiration in the show by Netflix which has been exploring all the difficulties of an influencer. The Hype House also offers a few details about the private life of its cast members. They discuss the struggles of managing the business and personal relationships as a social media star.

Social Media

Thomas Petrou is much active on social media. He is available on Instagram with 2 million followers. He has 8.2 million followers on TikTok and 1.81 million subscribers on YouTube. He is less active on Twitter with 8.5k followers.