Who Is Joel Kim Booster's Boyfriend John Michael Kelly? Are They Married?

Who Is Joel Kim Booster's Boyfriend John Michael Kelly? Are They Married?

John Michael Kelly is a recreation producer, cinema fanatic, and burner. He is a sports action producer and cinema lover who appears to have much activity in the industry.

He has recently been in the spotlight after the release of the film, "Fire Island" in which his boyfriend, Joel Kim Booster has acted.

How Old Is John Michael Kelly? Explore His Wiki And Early Life.

Marking the pride month, the story of Kelly and Booster gets even more fascinating. Starting Michael Kelly is 28 years old famed producer born on December 16, 1993, in Aurora, Ohio. The actor resides with his partner Joel.

Recently he is reported to have been residing in LA. Covering up his hobbies, the actor loves traveling and is passionate about everything he walks into.

He loves his mother and father very much. He is seen frequently spending his time with them.


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Digging into the jovial personality's life, he has a sister named Jill Sudsina. Moreover, the actor also has had a close friend for a long time, namely Cale Leroy.

Kelly is a graduate of the University of Southern California, where he earned the degree of Bachelor of Arts in Interactive Media and Games.

The actor is academically, professionally, and personally well-established. Before we dig in deep about his personal life, look at the quick facts.

Quick Facts About John Michael Kelly

John Michael Kelly's Net Worth $500k
Age 28
Date of Birth December 16, 1993
Place of Birth Aurora, Ohio
Height 6 ft 1 in
Gender Male
Nationality American
Profession Producer, Burner, and Cinema Fanatic

John Michael Kelly's Boyfriend

John Michael Kelly is prospering well in his personal life. The producer has found his soulmate, Kim Booster, with whom he is yet to mark years of togetherness.

Booster is well-known for his series, "Stand-Up Current." The actor has been on this platform since 2016. Both the partners are accomplished and successful in their fields.

Each is prospering alongside while sharing moments and beautiful glimpses of life.

John and Joel

John and Joel (Image Credit: Instagram)

They belong to the same field and share a mutual understanding, which is the only concrete reason behind them being vital to this time. The bond they share is ineffable to present in words.

They often flaunt their adorable glimpses on social media, where they seem to be enjoying each other's company. Their social media comments, too, are flooded with words of warmth and support.

The gay partners never shy away when talking about themselves or their sexuality. Booster and Kelly are openly gay and mark the pride flag with the color that shades their different aura and essence.

Both of them excel together in any field they step into. Recently, Booster was seen in one of the movies, Fire Island hit tremendous success and was good enough to get established into thousands of different hearts.

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John Michael Kelly's Partner In Fire Island

On June 3, 2022, Hulu came up with a heartwarming release, Fire Island. Here, Kelly's better half, Booster, led the role as a protagonist.

As per the reports, the release was a huge success. Booster later went to big shows for promotions, including Late Night with Stephen Colbert. There, the actor also mentioned how much warmth the movie tried to possess.

He further mentioned that it is a movie that will help every queer garner a heavenly experience. Eventually, his words turned out to be accurate, as most of the queers left their aromatic response.

Looking at these historic achievements, we might have already built an assumption on the couple bagging a colossal sum, and we have ensured to jot down their net worth beneath.

Net Worth

As per a few sources, the net worth of John Michael Kelly ranges around $500k, and he is a successful producer. Moreover, his partner, Booster, bags a hefty net worth of approximately $1-$5 million.

The partners are drenched with immense success and love.

Social Media Handles

John Michael Kelly has over 8000 followers on his social media, Instagram, where he seems to be active most of the time. There, he shares many jolly glimpses alongside his comfort people.

On the other hand, Booster has over 150k followers on Instagram, where he possesses the same sort of warmth Kelly does.