Who Is Yvette Arellano ? Is the Star From 90 Day Fiance Still Together With Mohamed?

Who Is Yvette Arellano ? Is the Star From 90 Day Fiance Still Together With Mohamed?

Yvette Arellano is a renowned name descended from the entertainment industry. She gained massive recognition after being introduced as the newest middle-aged woman in season 9 of the '90 Day Fiance'.

How Old is Yvette Arellano? Explore His Wiki And Family.

Arellano is a 49 yeas old television personality born in 1973 in the town of Silver City in the state of New Mexico. She was born a beautiful daughter of Norman Fisher Arellano, her father, and Anna Arellano of Elko, her mother.

Her life has an enormous mystery because she hasn't spoken much about herself anywhere. However, her academic sources brief that she went to Southwest Acupuncture College- ABQ Campus for her education.

We will update more details about her early life soon. Till then have a look beneath.

Quick Facts About Yvette Arellano

Yvette Arellano's Net Worth $700 Thousand
Age 49
Date of Birth 1973
Place of Birth Silver City, New Mexico
Height 5 ft 5 in
Gender Female
Nationality New Mexico
Profession Acupuncturist and Massage therapist

Yvette Arellano Dating And Boyfriend

Arellano had been seeing Mohamed Abdelhamid during the show 90 Day Fiance. The couple was the most talked-about yet the least preferred on the show for having significant disputes.

Despite hundreds and thousands of unnecessary disputes, the couple later fixated on things and soon stunned the world with their engagement news. They shared rings with a grand celebration on January 1, 2022.

The news broke off the Internet when they shared it on their Facebook.

After sharing their photos on Facebook, Arellano assured the news after she commented on the post shared by her then-fiance. The celebration was grand; however, many of the audience did not enjoy it.

Criticisms made headlines regarding their age gap, which was discussed for a long time. However, these things remained unaffected for the couple.

Are Yvette And Mohamed Still Together? Are They Married?

After the engagement, some of the people were quite eager to know if they were interested in tieing the knots any time soon. Arellano had been in several past relationships where her engagements got called off too. The actress also had a son, Tharan, with one of her pasts.


A post shared by Yve 90 Day Fiancé (@doctor.yve)

However, after a series of unsuccessful relationships, Arellano finally bumped into one young guy named, Mohamed Abdelhamid. Their love story had initiated ever since he glided into her DMS once she was done uploading a sizzling picture of hers on Instagram.

They eventually started talking, flirting, and things turned to love real soon. After their engagement, when people constantly commented on their age gap, Arellano made a statement that said,

"Even though I'm 48 years old and Mohamed is 25, the age thing just doesn't matter for us. Within a few weeks, we admitted to each other that we were falling in love."

This shows the bond they share. Despite the age gap, the couple is flourishing in their lives. To this date, they are together, but, any news regarding their wedding is yet to hit the Internet.

The statement, that love sees no boundaries is finally proved true via them. Their social media never stops flooding with horrendous comments, but they do not let those opinions shatter or create a tiny bit of effect.

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Social Media

Yvette Arellano is much active on social media. She is much active on her Instagram where she has more than 7.1k followers. Besides, she is also active on her Facebook profile.