Zariah Cain Net Worth

Zariah Cain Net Worth

How Much is Zariah Cain's Net Worth?

Zariah Cain, originally from Perth, Western Australia is an actress, singer and songwriter who keeps her life very private. She has a good net worth from her popular achievements in music and acting.

Quick Facts About Zariah Cain

Real Name Zariah Anjelique Cain
Age13 -17
Height5 ft 6 in
EthnicityWhite / European Descent
ProfessionActor, Singer, Songwriter, Model, Dancer

Net Worth, Career, Wiki, and More

Zariah is a name of American origin that means princess. It also means splendour, blossoming flowers, and dawn. In Hebrew, the name also refers to the lady with the high rank.

Like her name, she is the lady with the high rank.

Zariah started her career in 2018. She started her career when she travelled to the USA to feature in Americas Rising Stars.

Zariah was then featured in a sci-fi short film "1M-Icarus" in 2019.

Zariah lived in Australia, Malaysia, Singapore and the United Arab Emirates. Currently, she lives in Dubai.

Zariah has trained herself in music, singing dancing and acting. After training, she continued herself in musical theatre, singing, contemporary dancing and improvisational theatre.

At present, she is attending Dubai Performing Arts Academy where she is working much on developing her skills.

Zariah collaborated with a USA based team for recording her first EP and music video.Her first music video was released on November 22nd 2019.

She has attended programs for craft development at the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts and NYFA IN 2019.

Zariah was also selected as one of the few to sing the song "A Million Dreams" in a video for the promotion of a school. The video shows the help provided to build schools in Nepal for the education of many children's.

Zariah was one of the main characters in "Mama Mia" with two others. The show was directed by Lisa and Scott Lee at the Dubai Opera in 2019.

Her fifth song 'Anxiety' was released on November 22nd 2020.

Zariah used to live in Perth, Western Australia.

Here, she has immersed herself much into the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts (WAAPA) courses. With this, she also attends Trinity Musical Theatre. 

Later when short-course opportunities arose in Dubai, Zariah took the advantages as possible as she can to further my training and moved to Dubai.

In Dubai, she attended traditional desert dance workshops by the Dubai Desert Dance Group. She was also given the opportunity of training for the "Franco Dragone La Perle" which is the Year of Tolerance Stage Production, directed by Kevin Vincent.

Attending NYFA, she learned much and got a chance to grow. This helped her to develop on acting, musical theatre, and movement skills.

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Zariah Cain Relationship and Personal life

Zariah Cain is a very private personality who keeps all of her details private.

All the information about her family, income and relationships are kept private under her lips.

Talking about her interest and hobbies she was fond of dancing. She started learning ballet at a young age in Malaysia. She attended I-Media Educational Group Dance School where she learned ballet.

It was for a short time as she later moved to Singapore.

After moving to Singapore she realised she has a passion for acting, stage productions and music.

She joined Stamford American International School in Singapore where she was included in production for four years.

In the same school, she also got trained in vocal lessons and violin lessons.

Zariah Cain Early Life, Sucess, and Real estate

Zariah considers herself to be an artistic, kind natured, caring and intelligent female.

She was originally from Perth, Western Australia later moved to different places.

She also stated that she considers herself to be very resilient as she has lived in 4 different countries in the young age of 13 years.

Due to this reason, she continuously makes new friends and love networking.

Her first interest in acting started when she was six years old. Today she has grown to be an actor, singer, dancer, and songwriter. 

She dreams is to be a performer. Also, she wants to have a career that she would love and adore.

Interesting Facts About Zariah Cain

  • Although her native tongue is English, she can also read, write and speak Mandarin and Arabic languages.
  • She is learning and is currently at an intermediate level in sign language (BSL).
  • Zariah Cain is a among the celebrity to get much sucess before 20.