Who Is ‘Love Is Blind’ Alexa’s Stepmom Morgan Alfia? Know More About Her Age and Birthday

Morgan Alfia

It's a common occurrence in reality television to unveil a wildly popular and unforgettable member of a family who just may be destined for their own spinoff show of stardom. In one of the episodes of Netflix Love Is Blind season 3, a special person is a contestant, Alexa Alfia's stepmom, Morgan Alfia.

Morgan has been the most talked about the family member as viewers speculated her to be younger than her stepdaughter Alexa. With that, many people are concerned about Morgan's age and birthday, but first, let's know something about her.

Who Is Alexa Alfia's Stepmother, Morgan Alfia?

Morgan Alfia is a social media personality and model who is available on Instagram as @mtalfia. She is also the owner of the fitness center named Neon Cycle+Strength. Morgan is married to Adam, the patriarch of the Alfia family. They tied the knot in 2015, and the beautiful wedding ceremony was held at The Joule Hotel in Dallas, Texas. 

The pair have lived in North Texas for the majority of their lives. For your information, Morgan is the mother of six. Before her pregnancy, Morgan owned and ran an Allstate insurance agency that she eventually sold to her stepdaughter. While her husband, Adam, owns and runs 14 businesses after starting his first at the age of 20, Morgan stays busy as a successful business owner and mom. 

The pair run neon Cycle+Strength. The facility has been voted the best indoor cycling studio in Plano, Texas. The duo also shares their moments from that place which we can explore by following them on Instagram. Since appearing in Love Is Blind, the age of Alexa's stepmom has also gained the eyes of many.

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How Old Is Alexa's Stepmom, Morgan Alfia?

Alexa Lemieux disclosed her stepmom isn't much older than her, to the surprise of Cole Barnett. Cole was concerned and asked why Alexa's stepmom looked the same age as her stepdaughter. Due to that, Love Is Blind viewers also got curious.

So, Morgan is just 33 years old. On the other hand, her stepdaughter is 27, which means Morgan was born when Adam was 18. This makes it clear that the stepmom-daughter duo shares six year of an age gap. Furthermore, Morgan and her husband, Adam, have an age gap of 18 years. 

Adam is 52 years old, and the duo got married when Adam was 43 and Morgan was 25. Despite that, they have a great relationship which is pretty evident via their social media posts.

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When Does Alexa From Love Is Blind Celebrates Her Birthday?

Alexa Lemieux was born in 1997 in Pittsburgh, PA. The 25-year-old reality tv star lights her birthday candle on September 28 every year. Alexa grew up in the affluent Pittsburgh suburb of Sewickley. 

The Alfia Family
Morgan Alfia and her husband on Alexa's wedding ( Source: Instagram )

Regarding her education, Alexa went to the University of Southern California and graduated with a degree in Real Estate Development in 2019. Alexa interned with her father's Pittsburgh Penguins team in 2019. In 2021, Alexa began her real estate practice, and since appearing in Love Is Blind, she has been in the spotlight.