What Happened to Alissa Carlson? KCAL News Meteorologist Health Update

Alissa Carlson

Alissa Carlson is a Los Angeles-based meteorologist, and she is making headlines on the internet after she passed out when she was about to present her morning weather report during a live broadcast for CBS L.A.'s KCAL. 

The incident went viral on March 18 as fans waited to learn of Carlson's condition. Before knowing about her condition, let's get some facts about Alissa.

Who Is Alissa Carlson? 

Alissa Carlson is an Emmy-winning meteorologist serving as a freelancer at KCAL9 and CBS 2. She joined these channels in 2022, but before that, Carlson worked as the chief meteorologist.

The Northwest Illinois native developed a passion for journalism in high school and entered a local radio station as a part-time jockey. She attended Illinois State University and received a degree in Journalism. After that, she went to Mississippi State University and earned a certificate in Broadcast Meteorology.

For her outstanding work at KGET News, Carlson was awarded four back-to-back Emmy Awards. Besides that, she is a certified health coach, as per her Instagram bio.

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What Happened to Alissa Carlson on Air?

On March 18, 2023, Alissa Carlson's co-anchors Nichelle Medina and Rachel Kim had just passed over the segment to Carlson for her to deliver the 7 am weather report. But Alissa rolled back her eyes, slumped onto the desk and then fell to the floor. 

After that, the co-anchors looked shocked and confused as the feed cut away to a March Madness promo. Later it was reported that the show did not air the rest of the live segment. Following the incident, Carlson's co-workers rushed to call 911, and after that, she was taken to the local hospital.

Alissa Carlson Recent Health Update – Fans Messages

Following the incident, Alissa Carlson received tons of messages on social media for a speedy recovery. People left sweet comments about her health and wished her to be fit soon. Not only that, but people are also asking for more details about Carlson's health.

Carlson has already shared her health update on social media. She made a post on Facebook on Sunday saying that she would be OK. Alissa even admitted that she is recovering from a head injury.

It seems like Carlson may have suffered the head injury after collapsing. However, it can't be confirmed as she has not given further information about the injury. We can get updated on her health condition by following her on social media, as she may give more info soon.

Alissa Update
Alissa Carlson gives updates on Facebook after her recent issue ( Source: Facebook )

Furthermore, this is not the first time Carlson faced this situation. According to TMZ, Carlson faced the same issue nine years ago while working at a different news station in 2014. She reportedly suffered an extreme case of nausea and vomited on air.

Following that, Carlson was diagnosed with a leaky heart valve. After four years, she talked about it and revealed that she was surprised to be diagnosed with it at a young age. Moreover, it is unknown if the recent incident was also related to the heart.

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Alissa Carlson Lives With Her Husband and a Daughter

Alissa Carlson is a married lady, and she lives a happy life with her husband, Neil Schwartz. Her husband is said to be an attorney by profession. They have been sharing the relationship of a husband and a wife for a long time.

Their wedding ceremony was even featured in Bakersfield Magazine. Being married for a long time, they have also started a family of their own as they are blessed with a child, a daughter named Aris Ann Schwartz.