Is Anthony Padilla Still Dating Girlfriend Mykie? Everything About the YouTuber’s Dating History

Anthony Padilla and Mykie

Anthony Padilla is a renowned YouTuber based in the United States of America. He is also a former member of Smash. After leaving the group in 2017, he focused on his single venture Videos. Also, he has been in a serious longtime relationship with his girlfriend, Mykie.

Like many couples, Padilla and Mykie kept their love life confidential as they were highly aware of their privacy. After that, their fans and followers started asking questions about their dating. Due to that, the lovebirds kept it secret for months and went official in 2019 via a lengthy Instagram post.

Anthony Padilla Began Dating Mykie In 2019 and Went Official The Same Year

Anthony Padilla stunned his fans after introducing his girlfriend, Mykie, on December 2019. It was revealed that their relationship was already five months old. But after Padilla began getting tons of messages about his relationship, the pair decided to make it official and share the happy news with the world.

Anthony Padilla and Mykie
Anthony Padilla and Mykie together in a frame ( Source: Instagram )

Finally, on December 14, 2019, Padilla made it official by sharing a lengthy post on Instagram with his stunning partner, Mykie. Padilla posted some of their cute moments with a lengthy message starting by saying,

"keeping a relationship this incredible a secret for so long has been a challenge. when someone sweeps you off your feet and reminds you why every moment in life is beautiful, you want to turn into a puddle of sap and shout it from a mountain top." 

"@mykie is the most wonderful human i’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing and i’m fortunate enough to call her my girlfriend – and beyond that, a partner and true teammate in life. her charisma and the warmth she radiates and her sheer talent and creative drive holyshit i finally get to introduce you to my favorite person on this entire planet. feelsgoodman."

"thank you jacob at @forthestarsfashionhouse for being a true angel and welcoming us into your fashion house and dressing us up and @kgstudios for capturing our stunning photo and allowing us to feel like legit models for a day. and @spencerhenry for doing mykie’s hair and for just generally being a beacon of light."

"and of course mykie, you are my queen and i love everything about you that makes you so uniquely you. (i haven’t seen the caption you wrote on your “reveal” photo but i certainly hope it’s less sappy than mine haha!) pps hey zombaes. Good to be part of the family."

After that, all of their followers and well-wishers congratulated the couple. With that post, we can also be clear that Padilla is deeply in love with Mykie, and he loves her charisma. In the same way, Mykie also made a similar post revealing their relationship with the world. Since then, the lovebirds have not hesitated to show love publicly, as they frequently share snaps on social media. 

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Anthony Padilla Celebrates Many Events Together With Mykie

Having been together for over three years, Anthony Padilla and his probable future wife, Mykie, have celebrated many events. In January 2020, Mykie shared a lengthy post on Instagram with an image of herself kissing Padilla on the occasion of the new year.

In the post, Mykie thanked her partner and mentioned that she had learned much from him. So, she was ready for the next year to be with Padilla. Apart from the new year, the duo celebrated Valentine's day together. In February 2022, both posted pictures on social media to wish each other a special love day.

In the same way, the lovebirds celebrated their first anniversary on September 10, 2020. Now, they are still going well and to get more updates regarding their dating life, we can follow the pair on Instagram.

Is Anthony Padilla Married to a Wife? Details To Know About His Relationship

No, Anthony Padilla has not married but is in a relationship with his girlfriend, Mykie. But some rumors on the internet were circulating saying he was engaged in the past. However, there is no fact about it. 

On the other hand, Padilla was reported to be in a relationship with YouTuber Kalel Cullen. Their romance started on October 10, 2010, and the report by Married Biography shows that they engaged on June 29, 2013. Their engagement couldn't turn into marriage, as they parted in December 2014.

After their separation, Padilla began dating a comedian Miel Bredouw in early 2015. The duo stayed lowkey and made it official on September 22, 2017. Their relationship couldn't last long, and they moved on their separate ways in September 2019. Now, Padilla lives a happy life with his girlfriend, Mykie.

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Is Anthony Padilla Gay? Rumors About His Sexuality

No, Anthony Padilla is not gay, as he is straight. Many of his followers asked him about his sexuality, and due to that pressure, he also made a video and shared it on YouTube on March 18, 2017.

The video titled, Am I Gay? says everything about people's questions regarding the YouTuber's sexuality. In the video, he also showed that he is not gay by googling it. Also, he said that when he was seven years old, he took a purple lunch box at school, and one kid showed up to him saying that purple is gay. 

Padilla admitted that he was unknown of it as he was just 7. Despite all that, we can be clear that Padilla is not gay, as there are records of him having dated ladies in the past. Also, he is in a relationship with Mykie.