Anthony Reeves is a renowned TikTok star who has gained millions of followers on his self-titled TikTok account. In late 2019, Reeves became a member of the social group Sway House.

Meanwhile, Reeves is famous for his videos which he shares on TikTok. Apart from that, he is also known for his relationship with fellow TikTok star Avani Gregg. The couple made their relationship debut in March 2020. Since then, their love life has been going well, and fans were also loving their bond.

But now, Anthony and his girlfriend, Avani, are making headlines on the internet as their breakup news has been confirmed. While fans are still confused about the news, so, we’ve discussed it here in detail. Keep reading this article till the end.

Anthony Reeves Confirms Split From Avani Gregg

Anthony Reeves has confirmed he’s a breakup with his longtime girlfriend, Avani Gregg. Rumors of their split started swirling when fans noticed that they hadn’t posted about each other on social media in months.

These speculations got more into the hype in early November when Reeves abruptly ended a TikTok live over questions about his girlfriend, Gregg. The TikTok live was planned to celebrate his birthday with fans. While many took this as confirmation of their separation, Gregg surprised fans after posting a birthday tribute to Anthony on Instagram.

Despite that, their breakup news again made headlines and this time; it was due to the Reeves’ unavailability at Gregg’s birthday party. After that, Reeves got into controversy, and people said he cheated on Avani Gregg.

Anthony Reeves Cheating Rumors Explained

Moving onwards, Anthony Reeves is now separated from his girlfriend. And fans are saying that they might have separated as Reeves cheated on Gregg. Reeves didn’t attend the birthday party of Gregg. Days after Avani’s birthday, Reeves was spotted kissing another girl at a club.

Due to this, fans said that Reeves cheated on Gregg, which may be the reason behind their breakup. However, Reeves responded to the cheating allegation. The TikTok star took to Twitter to discuss the issue and said that the kissing incident happened after his separation from Gregg. He said, “We broke up officially the 19th. Josh [Richards] invited me out to Canada the 22nd. I didn’t cheat. i’m not a cheater.”

From this, it becomes clear that Reeves and Gregg broke up on November 19.

Anthony Reeves and Avani Gregg Relationship Timeline

Anthony Reeves and Avani Gregg reportedly began dating in December 2019. In the initial phase, Reeves and Gregg kept their love life away from the media and made it public in March 2020.

They were also part of the original Hype House/Sway House relationship crew. Likewise, Reeves and Gregg attended various events together, and we can see their snaps on the internet.

Now, both of them have parted away. Reeves has officially admitted the breakup, while Gregg has not opened her mouth yet.

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