‘Below Deck’: Are Ben and Leigh-Ann Dating? Ben Love Triangle With Camille

Ben and Leigh-Ann

When Leigh-Ann Smith joined the cast of Below Deck season 10 as Alissa Humber's replacement, Ben Willoughby was taken aback to discover that he already knew the new second stew. However, Ben's surprise was quickly overshadowed by his disappointment after Captain Sandy Yawn fired Camille Lamb earlier in the season.

Before Leigh-Ann's arrival, Ben and Camille had a passionate romance onboard St. David. Though they never labeled themselves as a couple, their undeniable chemistry was hard to miss. 

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Are Ben and Leigh-Ann From 'Below Deck' Dating? Relationship Explored

Below Deck Season 10 cast Leigh-Ann has a romantic history with deckhand Ben Willoughby. In the latest episode of Below Deck, the arrival of the second stew sparked some surprising revelations. Ben, one of the crew members, recognized her and shared with the others that they had nearly hooked up in the past and had exchanged many intimate photos. 

This unexpected development added a new layer of intrigue and anticipation to the show's ongoing drama. Ben admits in a confessional that he and Leigh-Ann connected on Tinder, but they've never met in person. Leigh-Ann later reveals in her own confessional that they have exchanged Instagram DMs, including one in which Ben hinted at sharing similar interests in the bedroom.

Likewise, Leigh-Ann refrains from reading one of Ben's messages because of its explicit content. She reveals in a separate confessional that she's been in the industry for five years and has even served as a Chief Stew before, which could potentially pose a challenge to Fraser.

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Ben Is Involved in Love Triangle With Camille and Leigh-Ann

Both Ben and Leigh-Ann have not officially admitted their relationship, but their amazing bond shows that they may have some romantic relationship. The show's latest episode dropped a bombshell when Ben decided to reveal to Leigh-Ann that he had a "boatmance" with Camille Lamb, a Stew who was fired during season 10. The news came as a surprise to Leigh-Ann, who had previously expressed interest in Ben.

The revelation set the stage for a dramatic turn of events as the crew navigates the complexities of their personal relationships alongside the challenges of their work on board. 

During a dinner below deck, Leigh-Ann wastes no time getting the scoop from her new colleagues, asking for all the juicy details about what's happening between the crew. She's eager to get filled in and seems determined to learn everything she can about the various relationships and dramas on board.

Later Leigh-Ann also asks if Ben misses Camille, and Ben confirms he does. When Leigh-Ann joined the show, Ben revealed to his fellow crew members that he was shocked to see her because they had exchanged many intimate photos with each other in the past. 

In the March 6th episode, Ben and Leigh-Ann heavily flirted with each other, from working late shifts to revisiting past DMs. Despite their connection, Ben still planned to visit Camille in the Dominican Republic after the season, adding a layer of uncertainty to his relationship with Leigh-Ann.