Ariana Madix is a well-known television personality who has been the talk of the town since coming on the hit reality television show named Vanderpump Rules. She has been a regular cast member of the show since its release in 2013.

Being in the hit reality tv show for a long time, Madix has preserved a considerable. Apart from her salary from the show, she also has other income sources, as Madix is a talented model and author.

How Ariana Madix Made a $1 Million Net Worth?

Ariana Madix is one of the richest casts of VPR, having a net worth of $1 million. She is a multi-talented personality, actress, model and author. It is reported that a VPR cast member earns $25,000 an episode. Having been a core member of the show since 2013, we believe that Madix earns within the same range.

Apart from the show, Madix also has notable work as an actress. She is famous for landing prominent roles in the movies such as Swing Vote: What Side Are You On? Dirty Dealing, Attack of the 50-Foot Cheerleader, and Killer Eye: Halloween Haunt. Likewise, she has worked in other television series, including Anger Management, Celebrity Family Feud, and Paradise City.

In the same way, she is a rising author who wrote a cocktail book named Fancy AF Cocktails: Drink Recipes from a Couple of Professional Drinkers by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, along with her boyfriend, Tom Sandoval. The book was published on December 3, 2019. Taking all of these compelling factors into account, there is absolutely no doubt that Madix is a genuinely prosperous and affluent personality.

Ariana Madix Income From Social Media

Ariana Madix has a strong presence on Instagram, where we can follow her under the username @arianamadix. Due to her content on social media, Madix has been able to gain over 1.3 million followers as of now, which will surely increase in the coming years.

Having a strong fan base, we can say that, Madix may have worked with some brads to promote them on IG. So, if she makes a sponsored post on Instagram, then Madix has a chance to earn $2,673 – $4,455 from a single post, as reported by the Influencer Marketing Hub.

With her multiple sources of income, Madix spends it pretty well. We can see her using luxurious brands. Also, she loves exploring great places during her spare time.

Ariana Madix Boyfriend, Tom Sandoval, Is Also a Millionaire

Ariana Madix has been in a romantic relationship with her boyfriend, Tom Sandoval, since 2014. Tom is also a cast of VPR. During the year 2019, Ariana shared a heartwarming tribute on Instagram, which showcased a collection of precious memories of her and her boyfriend together.

Now, they have been together for nine years, and their love life is still going well. However, they do not have any wedding plans yet, as both of them are focused on their career. Tom is a model, entrepreneur and reality star. He is also a millionaire having a massive fortune of $4 million.

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