Arianna Hailey Dating New Boyfriend After Split Relationship With Michael Rebar

Arianna Hailey

TikTok star Arianna Hailey has been making regular posts for a long time and has gained over 15.1 million followers. The social media personality is famous for sharing dance, beauty, and lip-sync videos.

Besides, Hailey was once a hot topic on the internet when she began dating Michael Rebar. They dated for a year before the split in 2022. After parting away, Hailey said that she would not be dating anyone. Despite that, Hailey has been making posts with her new fan since December 2022.

So, who is her new boyfriend after splitting with her ex-boyfriend?

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Who Is TikTok Star Arianna Hailey's New Boyfriend?

Arianna Hailey has evidently moved on from her breakup with Michael Rebar, as she seems to be going strong with her new boyfriend. The news of the TikTok star dating a new man came into the spotlight when she made a post in December 2022. 

It's been a while since Arianna featured her new boyfriend in her TikTok videos, but she has not revealed the man's name. On February 14, 2023, Hailey shared a TikTok video where the duo tried to introduce themselves on Disney Channel.

In the video, we can see Hailey saying, "Hi, I'm Ari." On the other hand, her boyfriend introduced himself, saying, "I'm Ari's man." From that, it becomes clear that they are dating. Furthermore, they have also gone to some places to enjoy short trips.

Not only that, but Hailey has also introduced her boyfriend to her family, and one of her TikTok videos shows that he is close to Arianna's family members. She posted a video on TikTok, writing, "He in the inner circle now." In the clip, we can see Hailey's new boyfriend spending quality time with Ari's mom, dad, sister, and brother.

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What Happened to Arianna Hailey Relationship With Ex-Boyfriend?

Arianna Hailey and her ex-boyfriend, Michael Rebar's relationship began in 2021, and they just dated for a year before parting away in 2022. While in a relationship, Arianna used to share many snaps with Michael, which can still be found on social media.

After a breakup, Hailey made a shocking announcement by sharing a video admitting that she would be taking a break from social media due to her breakup. Meanwhile, she received tons of messages and immense support from her fans. Both of them seems to have parted away to focus on their career.

Arianna's fans also shared a video of their favorite moments together before the couple's breakup. While their separation was undoubtedly heartbreaking for both of them, they ultimately decided to part ways due to perceived incompatibilities. Despite the breakup, her ex-boyfriend has not talked anything openly regarding this topic.

It is said that he is also a famous social media influencer. Now, he seems to be busy with his own life, while Hailey is also going strong with her new partner.