Ashley Parker Angel is a renowned American singer and actor who shot to fame as a member of the boyband O-Town. Being an actor, Angel is widely known for his appearance as Fiyero Tigelaar in Wicked.

He has been working in this field for a long time and has gained broad experience. When his band dissolved, Angel began his solo career and released singles such as Let U Go, Soundtrack to Your Life, and Switchblade.

Having an impressive career in the entertainment line, Angel is not much successful in his personal life since his engagement with his fiancee ended. Angel also gets into the people’s eyes regarding his sexuality. So, let’s get to know everything about it in the below article.

Is Ashely Parker Angel Gay or Not?

The answer to the above question is a big No. Ashley Parker Angel is not gay; he is straight. As we know, he had a fiancee in the past, which makes it clear that Angel is not gay.

However, we can say that Angel supports gay rights and dignity. It is reported that Angel even signed in person with ‘Gay Int Shirtless,’ whose price was $65 on Apart from that, Angel’s gay rumors were hyped more when some of his sensual images were posted in a 2018 Queerty article written by David Grant, for instance.

Despite all these, Angel has never opened up his mouth regarding this topic. Now, let’s move on to his past affairs.

Ashley Parker Angel Almost Married and Had a Wife

Ashley Parker Angel nearly married in the past. He was engaged to model Tiffany Lynn. Angel and Tiffany dated each other for some time and thought of taking their relationship to the next level. Taking the first step, Angel proposed to Tiffany in 2004. After getting engaged, they were doing well in both their personal and professional life. They got engaged after five years of a relationship.

The following year after getting engaged, Angel and Tiffany welcomed a son named Lyric Lennon Parker-Angel in 2005. Their son is an actor who plays Lachlan Drake on American Horror Story: Hotel. The family of three was living happily, but after some years, the relationship between Angel and Tiffany began getting sour.

So, rather than getting married, Angel and Tiffany thought of ending their relationship. So, in June 2008, they took off their engagement and went on their own path. The reason behind their separation remains unknown. After their split, it is reported that Angel and Tiffany had a 50/50 custody share for child support.

A report by TMZ said in July 2018, Angel asked the jury to decrease his monthly payment of $1,836, claiming that he lost more than $26,000 due to the back injury he sustained in May 2018.

Is Ashley Parker Angel Dating Someone Now?

No, Ashley Parker Angel is not dating anyone at the moment. He is single and is living a solitary life to the fullest. Angel is also busy with his professional career and is working on new projects.

Furthermore, Angel shares his lifestyle via his IG account, where we can find him as @ashley_parker_angel. Recently, Angel made a post on Instagram sharing his experience of tackling the flu. Angel shared an image writing his experience of battling through the flu. Angel won the flu by taking 8 -10 hours of sleep each night, plenty of H20 and Electrolytes, and taking vitamin C and Zinc.

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