Everyone Is Talking About the 'Ben Stage' On TikTok — What Does It Mean?

The Ben Stage TikTok Trend

In the fast-paced world of TikTok, it's not uncommon for new trends, catchphrases, and challenges to emerging on a daily basis, quickly gaining widespread popularity and becoming the talk of the town. 

These viral sensations can capture the attention and imagination of millions of users as they are shared and replicated across the platform with lightning speed. Similarly, there's been a lot of buzz surrounding the phrase "Ben Stage" recently, with people eagerly discussing the prospect of experiencing it at least once in their lifetime. But do you know what exactly it is? Let's find out.

What Does the 'Ben Stage' Mean on TikTok? Meaning Explained

'Ben Stage' is mainly related to relationship experiences where young ladies say never to date a guy named Ben. If one does, this new trend claims, they'll face dire consequences. People shares their experience of being in the Ben Stage for once in their life. 

Particularly, the phrase can be seen as an empowering era of personal growth and self-discovery that comes after a difficult period of dealing with a boy who is not worthy of your time and attention. It represents a moment of transformation and renewal, where you break free from the constraints of a toxic relationship and rediscover your own worth and potential. 

By focusing on yourself and your own goals, you can emerge from the "Ben Stage" stronger, more confident, and better equipped to pursue a fulfilling and prosperous future. This viral trend also shows that many girls have gone through this challenging time, and now they are making videos on TikTok to warn other girls who are unaware of it. 

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Who Started "The Ben Stage" Trend on TikTok?

It is believed that a TikTok user registered as @iamgubster began this trend. She posted the video on TikTok on February 9, 2023, and at the time of this post, it has already gained over 12.3 million views and more than 1.4 million likes. In the 5 seconds long clip, she used a hit song, Dog Days Are Over by Florence and the Machine. 

In the video, we can see her lip-syncing the lyrics, and she also wrote, "seeing any girl go through her "ben" stage." Furthermore, she has gained many comments, which also makes clear that many girls have been through this stage, and they love this TikTok video which seems to be related to their life.

A user wrote, "my brother's called ben," and a guy named Ben replied to the comment, "Move out." While many have shared their negative comments regarding the Ben Stage, some find their partner named Ben to be perfect for them. One says, "i like my ben." 

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How To Participate in the "Ben Stage" TikTok Trend?

Since @iamgubster posted the Ben Stage video on TikTok, it has gained widespread recognition. After the video went viral on the platform, other users also began sharing their ben stage stories. 

Ben Stage Twitter
Ben Stage trend is viral on Twitter ( Source: Twitter )

There are many ben stage stories available on TikTok where ladies talk about their experience dating a guy named Ben. So, people ask to participate in this trend. It is pretty easy to be a part of this ben-stage trend. One can share their "Ben Stage" story and post it on TikTok. One can use #benstage before uploading the video.