BLACKPINK’s Lisa Recently Purchased a Luxurious Urban Villa Worth Over $6 Million USD


Blackpink's youngest member, Lisa, is causing a stir on the internet with her recent acquisition of a lavish new residence in the prestigious Seongbuk-dong neighborhood of Seoul. The stunning property is a testament to the K-pop star's success and discerning taste in real estate. The lavish property is noted for its opulence and is a hub for many wealthy and influential families.

Besides that, the worth of this property has left everyone stunned, and Lisa's luxury credit card also caught many people's eyes. The massive purchase has also dragged Lisa's song Money into the limelight. From that song, the phrase "Drop some money" reflects the wealth and power of the K-pop star.

What We Know About Lisa's Luxurious Villa in Seongbuk-Dong

It is reported that Lisa's Villa in Seongbuk-Dong is over 7,200 square feet. It has one above-the-ground story and two underground or basement stories. Likewise, it is said that the basement area is one of one floor while the upper area is double-storied. The new home of Lisa was previously owned by Jang Seon-yoon, the granddaughter of Lotte Corporation's founder named, Shin Kyuk-ho.

Lisa's Villa
Lisa owns $6 million villa in Seongbuk-Dong ( Source: All Kpop )

Seon-yoon purchased the land in 2014, on which the luxury villa was finished in April 2016. Jang and her family lived there for seven years. After that, Lisa is the person who signed a contract to own the Villa in July 2022. The news of Lisa's purchase came into the spotlight when she completed payment on January 30, 2023. 

Moreover, Lisa has not shown off the Villa via her social media handles at the time of this writing, but she might give some home tours in the future as her fans are excited. With that massive purchase, she has received mixed reactions from fans.

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Fans React to Blackpink's Lisa $6 Million Villa

Lisa bought the Villa in Seongbuk-Dong, paying approximately 7.5 billion KRW (6 million USD). Due to that massive amount, K-pop fans are making multiple comments, and Lisa has received mixed reactions. Some say it may affect Lisa's privacy as it is a common celeb purchase.

On the other side, some people have shown support and said they are happy for Lisa as she bought the property all from her hard work and dedication. One social media user said, "I'm so jealous of Lisa's cats and dogs." Another wrote, "Lisa-ah, let's do more activities in Korea."

One user took to Twitter, saying, "Is she 25 years old?? Wow, young & rich; I like Lisa because there's something about her that attracts me." Apart from that, Lisa's credit card has also dragged the eyes of many people.

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Lisa Was Spotted Using Hyundai Black Card

As we know, Lisa is now living her life to the fullest. Apart from her recent villa purchase, people noticed her credit card. On January 31, 2023, a video was uploaded on Jisoo's YouTube channel, 'Happy Jisoo 103%." In that clip, we can see Jisoo traveling around Germany with Lisa.

During that time, they bought goods from the booths. Both of them paid from their wallet, and Lisa's credit card was the thing that caught fans' eyes. The card is said to be the Hyundai card, 'The Black Edition 3.' The black card is known to be invitation-only and owned by a few celebrities.

It is a high-tier credit card with an annual fee of 2.5 million KRW (~2,033 USD), and only 0.05% of credit-card holders in Korea have it.