Stephen Hung From ‘Bling Empire’ Is Married to His Wife Deborah Hung: Their Married Life, Age Gap, and Net Worth

Bling Empire's Hung Couple

Fans and followers of Bling Empire: New York were captivated by the lifestyle and luxury that Stephen Hung seemed accustomed to. Hung's wealth is evident for all to see, whether it's his luxurious clothes or fancy way of traveling. 

Since introducing Stephen Hung and Deborah Hung to Netflix viewers, they are concerned about the wealthy couple's married life and more. Keep reading to find out everything.

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Stephen Hung and Deborah Hung Married Life and Bling Empire Journey

Stephen Hung has been happily married to his loving wife, Deborah. The couple has been leading a blissful life with each other even after 11 years of marriage. The Hung couple has made various public appearances, and their cute pictures have been admired by many. Regarding their first meeting, Stephen was attending a Versace show in Hong Kong, China, and he met Deborah at the same event.

Stephen went as a client, and Deborah was a model who captured Stephen's heart. During that time, Deborah had just finished her law studies and was ready to quit her job as a model to pursue a profession as an attorney. Shortly, Stephen and Deborah developed a strong bond, and their romance blossomed. 

After being in a relationship for some time, the duo took their relationship to the next level and walked down the wedding aisle in January 2022. Before meeting Deborah, Stephen was known in Hong Kong due to his massive wealth and as a playboy. So, when he got married to Deborah, many people were surprised and happy at the same time. 

Their lavish marriage ceremony was organized at The Ritz-Carlton. Many people took to social media to congratulate the couple, while some of them even criticized it, saying Deborah married Stephen due to his gigantic fortune. The Hung couple shares an age gap of 40 years, Deborah being the younger one. Despite the big age gap, the couple has proved that age is not an issue if the lovebirds are happy with each other.

The Hung Couple
The power Hung couple shares a photo in a Chinese dress ( Source: Instagram )

Since tying the knot in 2022, Deborah and her husband have not left each other's hand as they have been a backbone to each other. The married couple has gone through many hard times and has also dodged some rumors. Once, Stephen was rumored to be gay, and netizens were also asking lots of questions regarding his sexuality due to his appearance. 

But we know that Stephen is not gay, and his sexuality is straight. In the same way, the millionaire has ignored all the unwanted rumors and relishes a happy life with his partner. While many online portals claim they have two children together, it does not seem to be the case. Newsweek reported that Deborah and Stephen share two kids named Ivan and Sean. In Bling Empire's season 1, Deborah discussed her plans for future additions to the Hung family. 

So, it is believed that the Hung couple may be planning to extend their family, but as of now, they are prioritizing their professional life. Apart from that rumor, once another gossip regarding their separation gained people's eyes. But it is clear they are still together following Bling Empire New York and are often seen attending different public events openly.

Furthermore, we can see their fantastic bond featured in Bling Empire. With an impeccable sense of fashion and collective wealth, both of them live lavish life. To get further updates about their life, we can follow Deborah on Instagram as @deborahhung and Stephen as @stephenhungofficial