Brent Rivera Is Dating His Girlfriend, Pierson Wodzynski | More on His Breakup Rumors and Past Affairs!

Brent Rivera and Pierson Wodzynski

Brent Rivera is a well-known social media star from the United States of America. The 24 years old guy is mainly famous on TikTok, where he shares interesting content. Rivera first got into the media prominence on the now-defunct video hosting service Vine.

Being an internet personality, keeping your personal life away from the media is pretty challenging. The same goes for Rivera, as he is dating fellow TikTok star Pierson Wodzynski. Their relationship has dragged many people's eyes. They are not shy to show off their love to the world. After a recent TikTok video, some people say they are not dating.

If you are confused regarding their love affair, keep reading till the end.

Brent Rivera and Pierson Wodzynski Breakup Rumors

Brent Rivera and Pierson Wodzynski recently made headlines after sharing a TikTok video titled "we're fwends." On December 24, 2022, Rivera shared a video with Pierson on TikTok, jokingly denying they were dating. In the video, he used Marshmellow and Anne Marie's song named Friends

It is an old video trend where two people nearly kiss each other but don't kiss when the song says, "We're Just Friends." So, the lovebirds Rivera and Pierson also tried the same trend. In the cute video, we can see them nearly kissing but dint kiss and lip-syncing the song's lyrics. After that, some fans were surprised by the video.

People thought they might be friends, but some TikTok users said they were couples. As there are no rumors of their separation, we can say they are still together.

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Brent Rivera and Girlfriend Pierson Wodzynski Relationship Timeline

Brent Rivera and his girlfriend, Pierson Wodzynski, met on the set of a dating show, Date Takeover. During that time, Brent was dating Eva Gutowski. In the show, Rivera and Pierson became very close friends. They also began appearing in each others' videos and social media posts.

After his breakup with Eva, Rivera reportedly started dating Pierson in 2020. Rivera and Pierson were also spotted at Coachella in 2022. So, it's been over two years; their love life is still going well. 

Brent Rivera and Pierson
Brent Rivera and his girlfriend, Pierson in the underwater hotel ( Source: Instagram )

Rivera and Pierson have also played practical pranks on each other for Brent's YouTube videos. Once Rivera was arrested by cops while he was meeting Pierson's father, making her fight with his ex, Eva, on supposed grounds of enmity. Not only that, but he even faked a severe, near-death nut allergy reaction in front of her. 

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Take a Look at Brent Rivera's Dating History

Brent Rivera had some affairs in the past before starting his romance with his current girlfriend. He was reported to be in a relationship with social media influencer Morgan Justus. They reportedly dated each other from June 2017 to October 2017.

There were some rumors that Brent Rivera and Eva Gutowski began dating in 2017. The rumors sparked when they worked together on making YouTube videos in 2016.

Eva and Brent
Eva Gutowski and Brent Rivera in a frame ( Source: J-14 )

In February 2018, Gutowski eventually got tired of Brent only leading her on but not wanting a relationship, and both of them confessed that it was ruining their friendship. After that, they went their separate ways. However, in late 2018, Rivera made a video saying he wanted Eva back. So, they reunited in 2019. They began dating and even got married as a prank in November 2019.

Later in 2020, they broke up and remained friends. Since then, Rivera has been living a blissful life with Pierson. He often shares snaps with her on IG, where we can find him as @brentrivera