Are Chloe and Mitchell From ‘Perfect Match’ Still Together?

Mitchell and Chloe

Chloe Veitch and Mitchell Eason first came into media prominence after appearing in The Circle. They dated for some time and were also parted away. Despite their separation, their relationship has not rekindled as they are set up on a date in Perfect Match.

So, here's everything you should know about their relationship timeline.

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Chloe Veitch and Mitchell Eason Met in the Circle

As mentioned earlier, the relationship between Chloe Veitch and Mitchell Eason began when they met each other on the second season of Netflix's The Circle, which aired in 2021. They couldn't see each other during the game, but they shared many flirty exchanges.

Chloe and Mitchell
Chloe and Mitchell met each other in the Circle

Chloe initially showed interest in Trevor, who turned out to be a catfish and went on to win the season. However, Veitch's romantic focus shifted to Mitchell Eason later on, adding a twist to the show's plot and keeping viewers on the edge of their seats. After the show ended, Chloe and Mitchell kept in touch and went on dates for eight months.

In May 2021, Chloe sat with Cosmopolitan, where she revealed that she and Mitchell were still close, but there were problems due to her living in Essex, the U.K., and Eason living in California. In the same way, she was not hesitated to talk about her relationship with Mitchell. 

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Chloe Veitch and Mitchell Eason Split in August 2021

Despite dating for some time, Chloe and Mitchell couldn't take their relationship forward. In August 2012, it was announced that the duo was no longer together. Chloe took to Instagram to announce their breakup news. She posted a story saying that she and Mitchell have decided to live separately.

Despite the separation, they decided to stay on their friends' list. Later, Chloe also talked about the breakdown of her relationship with Eason. She also opened up about the reason behind their separation, hinting that they had communication issues. Mitchell also said he had personal flaws of struggling to admit when he was struggling. 

Furthermore, Chloe's dating life hpyed when she posted multiple snaps of herself on January 14, 2023 writing, "POV: pictures he took." That hinted that, she was dating someone. Besdes that, netflix viewers asks if Chloe is still together with Mitchell.

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Chloe Veitch and Mitchell Eason Reunites in 'Perfect Match'

Sharing a relationship of friends, Chloe Veitch and Mitchell Eason have again reunited, thanks to Neftlix's show Perfect Match. So, it would be another chance for the couple to take their relationship to the next level.

The reunion between the two former lovebirds on their blind date was nothing short of intense and emotional. Overwhelmed with feelings, they both realized that they had been set up with each other. 

This encounter marked their first meeting since their painful breakup, adding to the emotional tension of the moment. Fans of their love story eagerly await to see how their rekindled relationship unfolds in the future. Chloe also talked with the camera after reuniting with Mitchell, saying, "Me and Mitchell did have something special, and it just ended, so to explore that wouldn't be a bad thing."

On the other hand, Mitchell said he had been ready to go into the villa and cause mayhem. After seeing Chloe, he had his sights set, saying, "I know what I want."

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