‘Bling Empire: New York’ Star Deborah Hung and Stephen Hung Combined Net Worth

Deborah Hung and Stephen Hung

The new Bling Empire spinoff is finally here. Bling Empire: New York dropped on Netflix on January 20, 2023. Dorothy Wang made a move from L.A. to New York, and she brought Netflix fans with her in the new series. 

Many cast members are already making headlines, and one of the power couples is Deborah Hung and Stephen Hung. Their combined net worth tops the rest of the cast. So, before knowing about their fortune, let's get some details about the pair.

Who Are Deborah Hung and Stephen Hung On Bling Empire? Their Job 

Deborah Hung hailed from Mexico and began working as a model in 2004, simultaneously pursuing her studies in law. Due to her modeling skills, she came into the spotlight and began taking up international projects.

Furthermore, Hung was planning to quit her modeling career and pursue a profession as a legal expert. Later, she met Stephen Hung, and her meeting with Stephen turned her towards a path that was incredible but undoubtedly beneficial for her. Since then, they have been together and have been a backbone for each other in their personal and professional lives too.

Deborah Hung
Deborah Hung enjoys a holiday in Dubai ( Source: Instagram )

Moving onward, Stephen is a billionaire and businessman whose name shot to fame after appearing on Bling Empire: New York. Regarding his education, he went to Columbia University and the University of Southern California. Initially, he served as vice president of real estate at Citi in Hong Kong. Later, he moved to Merrill Lynch and began working as head of investment banking.

Stephen has gained broad experience as he has worked as the founder and chairman of SH Capital Group for three decades. Now, he works at the Rio Entertainment Group which runs a Casino in Macau, where he has the role of vice chairman. In the establishment, Stephen specializes in casino gaming, luxury lifestyle investments, and real estate. With that, Stephen and Deborah live a luxurious life as they have amassed a massive fortune.

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How Much Is Deborah Hung and Stephen Hung's Net Worth?

Bling Empire viewers were captivated by the lifestyle and luxury the Hung couple seems to be accustomed to. In the first season of the Netflix reality show Deborah and Stephen were stated to be $2 billion. Building on the fact that he holds a significant percentage ownership of his family business, their combined net worth is estimated to be over $400 million.

With that mind-blowing net worth, they become the most wealthy cast members of the show. Having multiple business ventures, Stephen has racked up a massive fortune. So, he always takes advantage of every opportunity to flaunt his extreme wealth. Some of his wealth was inherited, and the rest was self-made. Furthermore, his loud fashion show choices and over-the-top designer outfits garner attention at every turn.

Hung has flaunted many luxurious brands, including Dolce & Gabbana and Versace. Among his many business ventures, he is famous for his massive investment in Louis XIII Holdings Limited. The luxury casino resort in Macau was created to be the most luxurious casino ever built. Private boutiques were designed as invite-only options for the ultra-rich, with the price of a singular jewelry item said to cost a minimum of $1 million. 

Once, Stephen made headlines after a massive $20 million vehicular order. In one swift swoop, Stephen purchased an entire fleet of custom-designed luxury vehicles. His order was for 30 Rolls-Royce Phantoms, which became the world's most significant Rolls-Royce order.