Ex on the Beach Couples 2023: Lola De Lepine Relationship With Sorinn Lillico and Ex-Boyfriend Christopher

Lola and Sorinn

Witness the ultimate beachside romance as six couples come together for a lifetime vacation in Ex on the Beach Couples: Now or Never! This hot and steamy expansion of the beloved reality TV show Ex on the Beach will have you on the edge of your seat as these couples search for their happily ever after. With sun-kissed beaches, exotic locations, and non-stop drama, this show promises an adventure you won't forget!

However, the romance between the lovebirds gets interrupted by the arrival of their exes. So one of the casts of the show is Lola De Lepine, whose boyfriend is Sorinn Lillico. They are also joined by Lola's ex-boyfriend Christopher.

Relationship Between Lola and Sorinn on Ex on the Beach

Starting with their profession, Lola is a makeup artist who recently collaborated with Cîroc Red Berry Vodka. The social media star is registered on Instagram under the username @realestlola and has amassed over 31.9k followers.

From her Instagram page, we can see her showcasing her amazing lifestyle, and she also works with some fashion brands. Besides that, Lola is in a relationship with her boyfriend, who goes by the name of Sorinn.

Sorinn is an artist who usually likes using Lola as a muse. His genius lies in his ability to turn the mundane into the extraordinary - whether it's splattering colors on a black sweatshirt or using his entire body to paint. His creations are a true feast for the senses. Sorinn and his girlfriend Lola have great chemistry. However, their relationship once got into a problem which led Lola to move in with someone else.

Their love story hit a roadblock when Sorrin couldn't commit, leading Lola and him to take a break. Later, Lola and Sorrin reunited. They are still together, but we will see if their relationship will continue or not in the show.

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Who Is Lola Ex-Boyfriend Christopher? Everything About Their Relationship

As mentioned earlier, Lola and her boyfriend, Sorinn, were once on a break. So, during that time, she met Christopher. We believe that they dated for a short time as Lola went back to Sorinn. MTV has described the relationship between Lola and Chris in writing, 

"Despite the breakup, Chris is still someone Lola confides in when things get tough with Sorinn. If she wants their relationship to stay afloat, Lola needs to learn how to talk to Sorinn instead of Chris when things hit the rocks."

In the same way, Chris believes that he and Lola were made for each other and is decided to divest Sorrin and win Lola back. Lola's muse inspires Sorinn's art, but Christopher captures her heart. Despite their split, she turns to Chris when love with Sorinn hits a snag. With communication gaps and trust issues, will Lola choose her confidant over her lover?"

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Short Details About Lola's Ex Christopher

Christopher Patrone is the ex-boyfriend of Lola, who is also appearing in the Ex on the Beach: Now or Never. Despite their separation, Lola and Chris have stayed in touch as Lola often reaches out to him and confides in him about her relationship issues.

Christopher Patrone
Christopher Patrone is the ex-boyfriend of Lola

In the same way, Chris thinks Sorinn is not the best match for her and is ready to win her back while on the show.